The Fallen by David Baldacci *Stephanie’s Review*


I’ve really enjoyed the Amos Decker series and The Fallen by David Baldacci didn’t disappoint. For me one of the measures of a great author and series is that you forget the author’s name and mainly associate with the main character. For example I consistently name Jack Reacher when I am talking about the series that Lee Child authors. I can remember Reacher instantly but have to dig a little deeper into the brain matter for Child’s name. Amos Decker and David Baldacci are no different.

Amos and his partner Alex Jamison are vacationing with Alex’s sister in Pennsylvania. It’s a small little town once ran by the Barons. Yes, those Barons. The town has since been run into the ground by the end of the industrial era. Drugs have seeped in to cover the loses from the factories shuttering.

I’m from the Midwest (not PA though) and also from a small town. I can attest to a lot in this book. It seemed a bit dramatic as I was reading it, but when I think about it, Baldacci did a fair representation of a town hit hard by the slow death of the industrial era. I’m from the IL/IA border and meth is HUGE in our area. I honestly don’t know if its more prevalent in the Midwest than in other regions of the country but it is a big issue here for sure. I just don’t know if it’s as big as a deal as it was made in the book.

The mystery behind The Fallen was brilliant! There were so many layers and trying to determine where it all fit (or if it needed to fit at all!) was perplexing which is exactly what I want in a mystery/thriller. I don’t want to go into a ton of detail (I try to leave these reviews as spoiler free as I can) but I will say that I did have some things determined. I still wasn’t sure how it was going to all roll out until it was happening. The amazing thing is that Baldacci does SUCH a great explanation that its difficult to find holes in the plot. Not that I would want to but sometimes there are these big gaping issues with mystery plots.

I will say this one took a little longer to sink into. I have a feeling that has much more to do with me than the book. The Fallen by David Baldacci was addictive once I was in and I was shocked by the ending. I have never been disappointed by Baldacci so I’ve pre-ordered the next book in the series. Thankfully I’ll only have a few months to wait as its slated for an April 2019 release!

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