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January 2019 Wrap Up

I’m borrowing Lauren’s (Bookmark Lit) format to do my monthly check ins. This girl has her numbers down to a T and I adore her for it! The beginning of the month was kind of crazy. It’s hard to believe that at the beginning of this month we were making the big move into our new home. It feels like months ago! Needless to say […]

Discussion: I think I might be flipping sides….

Circa 2012 I fell in love with ebooks hardcore. I had recently purchased my first Kindle (I’d had a Nook before) and it was so light and convenient. Back then you still had to use a book light because they didn’t have lit screens yet. Soon I was building wish lists, subscribing to Daily Deal newsletters, and amassing what would become an almost frightening amount […]

Task It Tuesday {1/29/19}

Hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading Soooooooo yeah, New Year, new me last week worked about as well as it normally does. Which is to say that it didn’t. But that’s OKAY. We finished moving our storage unit this past week and I also worked in the office in IL. Driving home was a too high speed for this kinda bullshit weather drive that I […]

The Fallen by David Baldacci *Stephanie’s Review*

I’ve really enjoyed the Amos Decker series and The Fallen by David Baldacci didn’t disappoint. For me one of the measures of a great author and series is that you forget the author’s name and mainly associate with the main character. For example I consistently name Jack Reacher when I am talking about the series that Lee Child authors. I can remember Reacher instantly but […]

Task It Tuesday {1/22/19}

Hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading New year, new me right? Well it’s a few weeks past all that AND we’re finally settling down (for real this time!). We bought our house, finished what needs to be done at the rental, and are unpacking things each day. Soon we may even be unpacked and back to a normal life. Can’t happen soon enough for me!! […]