Close to You by Kristen Proby *Stephanie’s Review*


I finished Listen to Me but didn’t love it so I put Close to You by Kristen Proby on hold at my library to give the author a second chance. I can’t believe I read the same author! Close to You was everything I was hoping the fist book would be.

I really enjoyed Cami and Landon’s story. Both seemed to be very level headed people. They had normal reactions to everyday and not-so-everyday events. Nothing seemed to be overly dramatic and the story and characters lingered in my mind for a considerable amount of time. Close to You is a book I won’t be forgetting for a long time yet. Basically this was a solid romance with solid characters.

Cami doesn’t have a ton of self-confidence. Landon seems to have all of the confidence. They both had some things to work through. Cami and Landon get pretty serious pretty quickly but their challenges are more trust based and the unexpected in life. Proby showed us how they worked through this. I felt like in Listen to You she told us how they worked through it. When you’re reading a story there is a big difference between being shown and being told how something happens. The everlasting flame trope is one of my favorites. Proby did a fantastic job with it.

One night my Kindle told me I had 45 minutes left in the book. It was the perfect amount of reading time before bed time. Kindle lied. On a work night. Three hours and a sobbing wreck later I was done. Definitely going to read the third book in the series but I’m going to play it safe and check it out from the library.

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