Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake *Stephanie’s Review*


With October around the corner I wanted to start getting into some of my spooky reads in my TBR. Nothing sounded spookier than Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake.

Cas was a great main character. It was nice to see a male protagonist. We don’t get too many of them. I really enjoyed Anna too. That is I enjoyed her when she wasn’t ripping teenagers in half. I knew her back story would be interesting to say the least and I wasn’t wrong. I get that I shouldn’t care but what the hell was that?! What happened and why? I need to know that back story! I’m kind of hoping it is explained in the second book.

Anna Dressed in Blood had a great cast of secondary characters. I really didn’t want to like Carmel but it was kind of hard not to. I found Thomas endearing from the beginning. I’m actually looking forward to spending more time with this cast!

This really delivered on the ghost story aspect! I loved Blake’s vision of ghosts. We see more of the scary type in this book which makes sense to me. Suffering a violent end like that would make me a bit cranky as well. Blake gave us bits and pieces of information distracting us the whole time until WAM! She brings together all the threads and makes a pretty great story. I can’t really go too far into the story without giving away parts of the mystery.

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake was such a quick read and I really enjoyed it! The audio was a good companion for it. I listened to it a few times during my commute.

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