The Cottages on Silver Beach by RaeAnne Thayne *Stephanie’s Review*


I had pre-ordered The Cottages on Silver Beach by RaeAnne Thayne. It got bumped up the TBR pile because I needed to get it read for an upcoming trade. I love returning to Haven Point so its never a hardship to read one sooner than expected.

I really enjoyed The Cottages of Silver Beach! It held a mystery, true crime, and I particularly enjoyed the arc for Megan and Elliot. Returning to Haven Point is always heartwarming. These are people I would love to be friends with. Thayne sets up a great example of what a small town community can be like. Watching a community come together to support one of its own is truly a sight to see.

Megan and Elliott get a lot of page time in The Cottages of Silver Beach. A large portion of the book takes place over a road trip that Megan and Elliot take. I have to admit I was getting bummed that we weren’t getting a lot of the secondary characters; however, that means our main couple got a lot of attention. Megan and Elliott have quite a bit to overcome so it really made sense that they would need a lot of page time to work through it.

Thankfully I have a few Haven Point books left to read because the next Haven Point book is about a year out (well at least the one I’m really looking forward to!). I have a feeling its going to be a doozy of a read too! I’m excited to get my hands on it!

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