Scandal Above Stairs by Jennifer Ashley *Stephanie’s Review*


I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Death Below Stairs, and wanted to continue with the series. Scandal Above Stairs by Jennifer Ashley is one of the few books I had pre-ordered this year.

Once again we are given a great cast of characters. There are a few who make repeat appearances and several new ones. Mrs. H continues to be amazing. She is steadfast and logical but Ashley continues to show us that she is a woman too. Daniel remains a mystery even though we are given a bit more about what shaped him as a person. I really can’t wait to see where his story goes.

Ashley evokes a great setting. I feel like I’m right there with Mrs. H. I’ve never been to England and I feel like I would recognize some of the places mentioned in the books, particularly the kitchens of the wealthy. I think I’d be much more comfortable (and exhausted) below stairs than above.

The who-dun-it in Scandal Above Stairs is pretty tightly woven. Once again I didn’t figure it out until it was all laid out for me. Generally I’ll have some aspect of a mystery figured out before the end of the book. Ashley continues to outsmart me and I love it! With a mystery most of my enjoyment comes from the complexity of the mystery.

I really enjoyed Scandal Above Stairs and am looking forward to the third book in this series. In fact, I already have it pre-ordered and it won’t be out until June!

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