Discussion: Looks Like We’ve Made It *Mic Drop*

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That title should be sung in a waily tone. And it’s really only a half truth. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my news on the blog but the last few months have been a blur. My husband received a promotion that included a nice bump in salary that we could just not turn down. The catch was that we would need to relocate. Thankfully not far but still in another state which comes with all sorts of extra steps.

I don’t talk about my work much but I’m an accounts receivable specialist for a network of homes that support the developmentally delayed/disabled. I LOVE my job; however, my job involves working hand in hand with the State of IL’s Medicaid system. Speaking as a person who has lived in IL for all of my life: the state of IL sucks. Hard. My mother is taking paralegal courses. The corruption of our state is actually in one of her textbooks. The people of the state of IL are AMAZING. Its government is not. All of that to say that when we were given the chance to relocate to another state I jumped at the chance to make the move. I had actually developed a 5 year plan to do it. This bumped that plan up by 4 ½ years.

Thankfully my job is letting me work remotely and while we’re still smoothing out bumps that always pop up in this new to us (I’m the pilot project for remote work for my company) situation, I think it’s going pretty smoothly.

Husband’s job. Check.
My job. Check.
Moving? Dear sweet baby Jesus in a wicker basket. NO!

Seriously, moving has been the worst. I like to hold on to things (literally things) because they remind me of the times that I’ve had. The amount of purging that we had to do after 12 years of neglecting it. *shudders at the memory* I think we took at least six, yes six, cars full to the Salvation Army. We had big trash day and dumped a recliner (broken during the move) and a mattress on the curb. We have probably tossed at least 15 contractor trash bags (those come up to my chest and they hold a TON of stuff) of just stuff that wasn’t donatable.

In all of that I found a box. That box hurt my heart guys. In it were: notes from a girl who was my very best friend (we don’t talk anymore; not even when we see each other in public), notes from two women who I still talk to and love, a letter from a pen pal from 1994, my class ring (still fits), a bible from a pastor who ended up teaching me that I can believe in God but I’ll never attend a church again (he destroyed a beautiful thing with his ministry and had help), my parents’-in-law wedding announcement from the local paper, yearbooks with photos of those who have died in the last 15 years, and a letter to Santa from 1989 that my mom and I wrote and sent (mailed to my grandmother). In retrospect my box has taught me that people are in our lives at certain times. They teach us lessons and sometimes those lessons can be hard ones but they’re important all the same.

The good news? We closed on our old home last Friday. My brother was interested in the house and is jumping in on home ownership for the first time. He is single and thankfully financially sound enough to be able to do this. I’m thrilled for him and happy that we’ll be able to help him as we (read my husband) know the ins and outs of this house.

On the flip side, we signed a lease in our new city with a couple that we thought we could trust. Turns out they entrapped us by omitting the fact that they are actively trying to sell this property. Should they do so we have 45 days to find a new place. We had only wanted to rent for a year to get to know the city. We’ve decided that we’re going to get pre-approved for a new mortgage and try to find something now. I don’t much like the thought of trying to find a house to purchase and close on with only 45 days notice. We won’t be unpacking much.

I’m thrilled to at least have all of my things in one place. Granted we’ve got half in a storage locker and our rental looks like something just before ending up on an episode of Hoarders but life is easier in one place instead of two. This means I’ll have more time to blog. I have a lot of reviews to share and I am participating in Blog Ahead. I am so excited to get started! It feels like it’s been forever and I’m ready to jump back in!



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  1. Jeanie Hanna

    Wow Stephanie! I learned so much about you, and enjoyed every bit of it! We have a lot in common!
    Illinois is full of government corruption, and has been all my life. It makes it hard to vote, because that is probably all rigged. It makes it hard to pay your taxes, because most of that probably lines some mobster’s pockets. I’m stuck here, because my 90-year-old mother lives here. Maybe some day I’ll escape this mob scene too. I love my home, I love the people, but the rest is very unsettling.

    I have seen one pastor destroy my church too. We survived it, but almost 20 years later, there is still a rift.

    I wish you and your husband all the best. I hope that you find the perfect home, within your time frame and budget. Take care. I wanted you to know that I just took my first $3,000 donation to St. Jude in September. I have plans for my next book. Life is good…even in Illinois!!

    • Stephanie

      Thank you! 🙂 The thing of it is I think you can only understand it if you’ve lived in IL for an extended period of time. It is truly disheartening. I agree wholeheartedly! I loved everything about IL….except the politics (but in all fairness I think everybody has that.)

      Our’s fired a youth minister because (at least to my 17 year old self) his ministry was doing better than the pastor’s. Then they started kicking out families who questioned a very questionable financial move that the pastor did. They absolutely should have but I admittedly wasn’t very checked in at that point.

      Thank you!! We start looking this week. Thankfully that should give us plenty of time. Oh wow! I bet that was a fantastic day for you! I am so very proud of you! Definitely let me know when the next book comes out. I’ll be picking up a copy or two!

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