Come From Away by Genevieve Graham


I was approached by Genevieve Graham to be one of the bloggers based in the US market to review her newest release and first time available in the US market.

Come from Away by Genevieve Graham was a fantastic read. I love history but admit to having a pretty narrow view of it. Mostly through the lens of the US. For instance I had no idea German UBoats had made it to Canadian shores. In all WWII related things I’ve ever seen online this somehow never managed to show up.

Come from Away tackles a big subject: prejudice. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. No matter how much instinct tells you to, you just can’t put large groups of people under one label. Germany’s role in WWII was unmeasurably awful; therefore, Germans must be awful. German soldiers? Even worse. Turns out even though one man (or even a group of people) represent a country, in no way does that mean one man speaks the opinions of every single person he represents. That remains true to this day. It was ignorant of me to ever think otherwise.

Come from Away brought me out of a huge reading slump. I couldn’t put it down. It had history, a good romance, and the book’s pacing kept me wondering what would happen next. I really truly worried how things were going to turn out for Rudi and Grace. There was so much that should have kept them apart. I really enjoyed the family as well.

Once I closed Come From Away I needed to make sure I had the companion novel Tides of Honour (this one is Grace’s parents’ story). Thankfully I do! I’ve been looking into Graham’s backlist and I’m excited to see I have some options!

2 responses to “Come From Away by Genevieve Graham”

  1. This sounds like a great book Stephanie! Thank you for suggestions that get me out of my rut!


    1. It really was a great book! No problem! That’s exactly why I love to book blog. I love connecting people with great reads!


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