Discussion: The Queen of DNF?

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Today I, Alexa, want to talk about something that I have been doing a lot of in the last year of my reading life. That’s right folks I am going to talk about making the decision to DNF a book!

As a reader I always hate to give up on a story because there is always the chance that with another 20 or 50 pages that the story will pull me in. I never want to give up on the plot or characters.

In the last year, I have put so many books on hold on my goodreads currently reading shelf, thinking I will just come back to them. Well I’m here to say that those books are now DNFs. I always kept that option in the back of my mind but I just never wanted to give up. However, I live a very busy life with two jobs and school so I do not have time to drag these books out. I do not want to force myself to finish something that is just not working for me. If there was a reason I put the book down all those months ago then that reason would still be there even if I tried to read it one more time.

So which books have hit the DNF list?!

I am going to be writing reviews for all of these books so keep an eye out for them. Here are just little blurbs as to why it didn’t work for me.

Cruel Prince~ This just made me cringe. I did not agree with some of the moral choices of the characters and there were some scenes that were really messed up and should not have happened.

The Raging Ones~ I could not handle the choppy writing style of this one. I felt that the ARC copy that I read needed serious editing. Plus I could not connect with any of the main characters.

Furthermore~ It pains me to DNF this. I love Mafi’s books. This one just did not work for me. The main character was always misbehaving and I just thought she was full of drama.

The Priory of the Orange Tree~ I could have and did sleep through pages of this one. The plot was never moving. It took high fantasy to a whole new boring level. I read half of this beast, so 400 pages before I could not take it anymore.

Children of Blood and Bone~ I liked the concept of this one from the start but as I read on it felt generic and wasn’t going anywhere that I couldn’t already predict. This is the only one that I might give a second chance to though.

Winter~ I really love Cinder, I enjoyed Scarlet, It took me 2 tries to get through Cress… Winter was just boring. I liked that we finally saw some of the things that were happening on the Moon but it feels a little silly now. The characters are on this long journey in space and on the surface of the Moon. Nothing gets handled. I gave up after about 400 pages of this chunky book.

So what books have you put on the DNF list lately?



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