Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas *Stephanie’s Review*

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Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas *Stephanie’s Review*Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas
Also by this author: Scandal in Spring
Series: Wallflowers #4
Also in this series: Scandal in Spring, A Wallflower Christmas
Published by Avon
Genres: Adult, Historical, Historical Romance, Romance
Pages: 374
Format: Paperback
Read in: 2006
Reading Challenges: 2018 GoodReads
Source: Personal Collection
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After spending three London seasons searching for a husband, Daisy Bowman's father has told her in no uncertain terms that she must find a husband. Now. And if Daisy can't snare an appropriate suitor, she will marry the man he chooses—the ruthless and aloof Matthew Swift.

Daisy is horrified. A Bowman never admits defeat, and she decides to do whatever it takes to marry someone... anyone... other than Matthew. But she doesn't count on Matthew's unexpected charm... or the blazing sensuality that soon flares beyond both their control. And Daisy discovers that the man she has always hated just might turn out to be the man of her dreams.

But right at the moment of sweet surrender, a scandalous secret is uncovered... one that could destroy both Matthew and a love more passionate and irresistible than Daisy's wildest fantasies. - via GoodReads

4 Stars

This was my second read through of Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas. The first time I read it I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as the first three. Admittedly as much as I loved Daisy I found her story to be annoying; sort of like the tag along. There hadn’t been a lot of time between books during that first read through. On the second time around, I was able to space the stories further apart. I was able to better appreciate Daisy and Matthew’s story.

Daisy and I probably wouldn’t be best friends. While we both enjoy the written word, she’s too whimsical for my tastes. I’m more practical and predictable. Though we’re both stubborn as all get out I’m sure that would only add to our dislike of one another. What I admire most about Daisy is her loyalty to those she loves and her kindness and charity to those she doesn’t even know.

I remember thinking that Matthew’s situation seemed SO unrealistic to me when I read it for the first time around 10 years ago. At 23 and having been born in the mid-80s the idea that someone so obviously innocent could be that effected by the incident seemed ludicrous. At 33 I could see why Matthew had every reason to be terrified for his life and the people around him. That added to the enjoyment of my book. I remember thinking last time that it was all just so very silly.

Overall I found Scandal in Spring to be a lot more enjoyable on my second read through. I’m so glad that I decided not to skip this one. I will also go ahead and read the novella A Wallflower Christmas. I really enjoyed my re-read of the Wallflower series but I think I’m going to conquer Sarah MacLean next.


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  1. Sophia Rose

    That’s interesting how a read through at a different point in life with more time between the series books made all the difference in the world. I still need to read these.

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