Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi *Alexa’s Review*

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Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi *Alexa’s Review*Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi
Also by this author: A Very Large Expanse of Sea
Series: Shatter Me #4
Published by HarperCollins
Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult
Format: Hardcover
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Juliette Ferrars thought she'd won. She took over Sector 45, was named the new Supreme Commander, and now has Warner by her side. But she's still the girl with the ability to kill with a single touch—and now she's got the whole world in the palm of her hand. When tragedy hits, who will she become? Will she be able to control the power she wields and use it for good?

3 Stars

I really loved the Shatter Me series so I was excited to dive into this continuation of the series. I decided that before I went into this one that I had about a week before the release so I wanted to go back to re-read the whole trilogy before continuing. I have to say I just devoured all of the books all over again. I learned that I really loved Shatter Me this time around and I was able to appreciate Adam more in the series, where the first time I was all about Warner. I felt that re-reading the books also gave me a love of their lyrical writing style. The first time I read them I didn’t really love the style of the writing but I was swept away with it this time. So having re-read all three books I went right into this one with the world fresh in my mind.

I really enjoyed that Restore Me took place just a few weeks after the events of the last book. This really made it feel like we were getting to experience the outcome of all of the things the gang accomplished in the first trilogy. I felt that as lyrical as the writing was in the first three books that they also didn’t explain much about how the world came to be the way it was. I enjoyed that Restore Me finally introduced some key characters in helping us understand the families that are in charge.

I have to say that I struggled with the rest of this book. That lyrical writing that I keep talking about so much from the first three books was missing in this one. I felt the characters felt a little dead. I heard someone say in a review that Mafi was interviewed about continuing her series and she made a comment that she didn’t even really remember all of the secondary characters from the first three books. Whether or not Mafi ever said that I’m going to say it for her. She lost touch with her secondary characters, they all fell pretty flat in this story and instead she just replaced them with more secondary characters who were equally flat.

Lets talk about our main four, Juliette, Warner, Kenji and Adam. Juliette was truly lost in this book. I get it that Mafi wanted to show just how little Juliette knew about this world that she stepped up to be a leader of but this was such a regression from the first three books. In the first three we got to watch Juliette become strong and capable after struggling so much in the beginning. In Restore Me we lost all of the progress and she regressed back to being scared of everything. She even goes so far into her own mind in this book that she does extreme things. Although I did really enjoy one extreme that she did I felt that she was letting her emotions control her.

Moving on to Warner…. UGH! I just don’t even want to talk about him. I felt he was so great in the first three books. He had drive, power, a fragile core, and yet there was this strength in him that helped Juliette. Warner really fell apart in this book. He was always our talker, he could talk himself into anything or out of it. He was the calming force in the first three books. In this book he lets little communication issues with Juliette destroy everything. He was rather sulking for much of this book.

Lastly, Kenji. Kenji continued to be the one constant love of mine. I just loved him in the first three books and I felt like his was the only character in Restore Me to get even better. I just love how he was there for Juliette and even for Warner in this book. He just was perfect and his character felt the most real and true to the first three. Here is our man who didn’t lose himself or his shit throughout this novel. Thank God Mafi kept one character from the first three books. (Did anyone notice I didn’t really bring up Adam? Well Mafi forgot about him too!!)

Overall, I felt this story really took a turn and I’m not convinced that it will lead to great things. I feel Mafi just lost her heart for these characters. There were a lot of issues I had with this book and I’m worried where this is going. At this point I’m going to try book five when it comes but I’m thinking that most people should just stop after the original three books because the story arc is complete having read just those books.



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