Graveyard Shift by Casey Daniels *Stephanie’s Review*


When I saw that there was a new book in the Pepper Martin Mystery series I plunked down the $15 for Graveyard Shift by Casey Daniels without hesitation. I don’t pay that for major books that I know I’m going to read because $15 for an ebook that I can’t do anything with after reading is a big price. That should tell you how excited I was for a new Pepper Martin story!

It has been so long between Pepper Martin mystery publications that I couldn’t really remember what had happened in the last book and apparently couldn’t be bothered to search out spoilers to figure it out. That was totally okay because having vague memories of the books I had read was enough to get me through this book. Daniels picks up right where she left off with Pepper and Quinn but it stands well enough without having all the major deets from the previous book.

In Graveyard Shift, Daniels touches on one of my favorite periods in time with Elliot Ness. I can’t remember which documentary I was watching (maybe America The Story of Us since I’ve watched it roughly a bazillion times!) BUT it talked about Elliot Ness being the one to put a stop to Al Capone’s criminal business with tax evasion charges. I kind of find that whole story fascinating. It feels wrong to feel bad that Capone lost his mind in prison because of all the awful things that he did but……*shrug*

Any way a lesson in history with no facts linked for you to check is not why you are here! The short of it is: I really enjoyed this book. Did I know who the bad guy was? Well, duh! I had a pretty good idea. But I didn’t know the how or the motive. It was nice to sit back and enjoy a paranormal ghost mystery. There was one thing that really wasn’t answered and it was kind of a big plot point so it felt like unfinished business.

I know that the series is no longer being published by one of the “big six” so I imagine Daniels’s time will be spent writing books that she has contracts for and I can’t blame her for that. I do know that when the next Pepper Martin book comes out, I’ll plunk down that $15 again to support an author and a story that I have truly enjoyed!

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