Alexa’s January Wrap Up

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My main reading goal for 2018 is to make it a habit to try to read 30 minutes/30 pages every day.
I initially wanted to do it by time but that is harder for me to track since I read in various places throughout the day. I decided that keeping track of pages was an easier way to do this goal.

The Books:

~I started off the month by finishing up Lost in a Book and diving into The Heart of Betrayal.
~While reading The Heart of Betrayal I decided to mix Amour Amour into that for some contrast.
~By the end of the first week of January I had finished Amour Amour and loved it! Favorite book of the month!
~Sadly, The Heart of Betrayal was a book I was dragging with that entire first week and I only made it to page 249. ~Right now I still have it on hold but I think that sadly I might have to DNF it. I’m just not seeing what everyone else loves about this series.
~ Week Two brought me to reading Cress even though years ago I only managed to read half the book before putting it aside.
~ I finished Cress about mid week and dived right into The Immortal Rules which really surprised me by how much I ended up liking it. I read that by the end of the second week.
~ Week Three gave me Fairest, which I read in a day! I decided to just keep going and read Winter. Sadly, Winter really slowed me down. I think I have now spent too much time in the world and it has lost some of the magic. I still haven’t finished Winter. I’m about halfway through and I do want to finish it because I know I like it but I may need to just give myself a break from it.
~ Since Winter just wasn’t cutting it for me I picked up a quick short romance novel, Hard Time: Street. This was an ok read that I read in one day. Nothing that fancy just a simple contemporary romance, it does have the setting of a man out of prison though which I always enjoy.
~ After that I decided maybe a re-read would give me my mojo back so I read Wild Card, which has one of my favorite male characters ever, Noah! I enjoyed the reread although I don’t think I loved it as much as I did in the past as a storyline. Noah is still a favorite. Swoon…
~ After that I quickly devoured Once Burned, Twice Tempted and Bound by Flames! I’m such a sucker for Vlad
~ I ended the month by starting to reread Alanna by the amazing Tamora Pierce.

Lost in a Book

Read Entirely:
Amour Amour, Cress, Immortal Rules, Fairest, Hard Time: Street, Wild Card, Once Burned, Twice Tempted, Bound by Flames

Still Reading:
Winter & Alanna

The Heart of Betrayal

The Pages:

1st- 162
2nd- 44
3rd- 235
4th- 45
5th- 67
6th- 48
7th- 145
8th- 130
9th- 145
10th- 73
11th- 199
12th- 240
13th- 117
14th- 125
15th- 220
16th- 62
17th- 35
18th- 85
19th- 45
20th- 111
21st- 0
22nd- 66
23rd- 182
24th- 80
25th- 115
26th- 168
27th- 420
28th- 228
29th- 169
30th- 303
31st- 132

Monthly Total= 4196 pages
Average per Day= 135



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