Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas *Stephanie’s Review*


The whole reason that I decided to re-read the Wallflower series was strictly for The Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas. This is probably my most favorite historical romance and definitely one I would want to take with me in a deserted isle type situation. There is nothing sexier in my opinion than two people loving each other because of their flaws; not in spite of them.

Evie is, I think, every reader. She is quiet, doesn’t do well in crowds, and prefers the company of a select group of friends. That means that she and I bonded instantly. She has a backbone though. She isn’t a pushover. She just chooses when it’s worth putting up the fight. She is excellent at choosing her battles. Sebastian, on the other hand, is always ready for a battle and the need to defend himself.

In The Devil in Winter the reader spends a lot more time with Sebastian and Evie versus the entire group. They make an appearance to be sure but they aren’t around much. Surprisingly it works in this book. It just felt right that the couple had time to acclimate to each other because it was a convenience and not a love match. Kleypas needed the space and time to grow their romance.

While The Wallflower series is a fantastic series, The Devil in Winter holds a very special place in my heart. I think in future rather than read the entire series, I’m going to skip right to the good part. If you haven’t read The Devil in Winter and are a historical romance fan I do suggest reading the whole series first because it really builds Sebastian and Evie’s characters to make one hell of a romance.

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