The Prey by Allison Brennan *Stephanie’s Review*


It has been some time since I have read a full fledged romantic suspense. At one point it was my favorite sub-genre. When I read Shattered I decided to go back and start at the beginning. It’s been several years since I originally read The Prey by Allison Brennan. It was the perfect time to go back and start at the beginning.

I was concerned that I would remember too much of the story to enjoy it. My memory apparently isn’t what it used to be because I had forgotten one major plot point. I really enjoyed The Prey and had forgotten how messed up it was. I mean that in the best way possible. Basically I had completely no idea what was going on or who was involved until Brennan wanted me to know. That is the best way to ensure that I am going to enjoy a suspense novel.

The characters were sort of so-so. I was invested in their survival but I didn’t love them. That’s the only thing that kept The Prey from being a 5 star read. I didn’t connect with Rowan. Sometimes I felt like the characters’s reactions were a little over the top and dramatic. I think my taste for alpha males may have changed over the years too. Or maybe I just didn’t connect with John either. Yes they were in volatile situations throughout the course of their relationship but he was pretty damn bossy. And sometimes she was kind of stupid but felt like she was right because she had been trained by the FBI!

I look forward to continuing the series and I’m hoping that having a re-introduction to the genre will make me a little more accepting of the next book.

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