Stephanie’s 2018 Bookish Goals

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Goals? Yeah I’ve got ’em. And just like every other year, I’m feeling hopeful that I’ll be able to stick with them. 😉

In 2018 I want to get really serious about spending money on my reading habits. I already have outstanding pre-orders and I’m going to use Christmas funding to take care of those. I have a bad habit of wanting to only read the Kindle version of any book and just paying to do that. Normally not a big deal because I have a job and make money; however, in 2018 and about around the same time we’ll be going on a cruise and replacing the roof of our house with some other repairs around the dormer and gutters. We’ll be fine but I want to be an adult and make sure we always have the ability to be fine. Reading is one area where I can save a ton of money because my library system is fantastic! I just need to make some personal changes.

I also signed up for Paperbackswap again and I purchased the yearly subscription plan. We’ll see how this year goes and if I decide it’s worth the $20.00. So far I’ve gone through about $13 is postage so I’m going to need to take that into consideration for the amount of my budget. There’ll be a more detailed post at the end of this month. I WILL continue to do this. 2018 is the year I stick to being an adult. 😉

Alexa and I have challenged each other in 2018 to a daily challenge. It is simply to make sure that we are both reading everyday. I didn’t do so well with this in 2017 with life changes but I feel like I’ve set myself up well for 2018. I’m not waiting for the New Year to start either. This week we’ll be putting our plan in to action so we can give it a test run and make changes if necessary. You can follow my progress for this challenge here.

Do you have any challenges or goals for your bookish life in 2018?



8 Responses to “Stephanie’s 2018 Bookish Goals”

  1. Berls

    I know what you mean about finances — it’s so easy to go from being good to not being, so being mindful about purchases is so important. And I think book purchases are one of the easiest places to not be mindful. Good luck with your goals – I love the reading every day goal!!

    • Stephanie

      Definitely does not take much. I want to make sure that we’re in the best position for that, Books are my downfall. I have no problem putting 3 or 4 books in my cart, seeing how close I am to that special discount, adding a few more and then checking out with $50 worth of books. That has got to stop for me!

      Thanks! I had a hard time reading in the later part of 2017 and that was hard for me. I find that if I have a small goal each day it doesn’t take me long to surpass that. But if there are days that I can’t do the bigger chunks then I can feel good about getting in the 30 pages.

  2. Rowena

    Good luck on your goals, Stephanie. I should probably be more adult and stop buying so many books myself so maybe I’ll take a page out of your book and buckle down. It’s so easy to spend so much on books, isn’t it? Gah, I wish I was independently wealthy.

    • Stephanie

      Thanks! I love buying books but right now it is a place I can cut out because I have such a great resource in my local library! I don’t keep any of the books I read anyway so it just makes sense. SO easy to buy and easy to justify. Wouldn’t it be nice?

  3. Lover Of Romance

    Oh these look so good here. I love having great budget goals and its great to save money its why I focus on the library and buying books on amazon when there are good deals or sales.

    • Stephanie

      Thank you! YES! I have such a great library and an inter-library loan system that I can get almost any book that I want. I have to stay away from Amazon and the good deals though because I can easily spend $10 – $15 in books I think I might like but won’t pick up for a few years yet. Lol.

      Day four and I haven’t looked at Amazon because I still don’t have any willpower; however, I have canceled a few pre-orders and put a book on hold at the library. Baby steps!

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