New Year ‘Thons

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I have the day off and not a ton to do today. I have several dishes that need to be meal prepped for the week but over the course of the day it won’t take much to make them. I’m also going to try to get my reviews caught up for the week. I really want a much smaller Task It Tuesday this week and it’ll be fantastic to get my reviews caught up. Also I totally want to get in a large amount of reading today.

The Plan

Hour 1: Read for the entire hour
Hour 2: Cook one recipe and write/schedule 2 reviews
Hour 3: Read for the entire hour
Hour 4: Cook one recipe and write/schedule 2 reviews

I’ll repeat the process until the day is done. If it doesn’t take an entire hour to cook and write two reviews then I’ll immediately dive back into reading for an hour. Below I have everything broken down by type of activity. I’ll only be reading one book because I have around 450 pages left of my current read so I really doubt that I’ll be reading anything else. If I finish it, I’ll be ecstatic. My goal is to get about 200 pages in today.

Personal Mini-Readathon

Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Current Read:

The Updates!

  • Hour 1(11 AM): # of Pages Read: 27 – I was still setting up this post and finishing up one more task before I truly got started
  • Hour 3 (1 PM): # of Pages Read: 25 – Again my hour was cut into by finishing up reviews from the previous hour and finishing up a pizza. Hour 5 will be entirely devoted to reading. Particularly as the story is getting good!
  • Hour 5 (3 PM): # of Pages Read: 44 – This book is getting too crazy! I love it! So glad I decided to get a lot of book time in today. I am currently 4 pages away from being halfway to my goal. I may need to put off the rest of my adult goals to read more. We’ll see how the rest of the evening goes.
  • Hour 7 (5 PM): # of Pages Read:
  • Hour 9 (7 PM): # of Pages Read:
  • Hour 11 (9 PM): # of Pages Read:


The Reviews:
Hour 2 (12 PM):

  • Perfect
  • Big Mushy Happy Lump

Hour 4 (2 PM):

  • Between Shades of Gray
  • 16th Seduction

Hour 6 (4 PM):

  • How to Hang a Witch
  • Haunting the Deep

Hour 8 (6 PM):

  • The Prey
  • A Christmas Tartan

Hour 10 (8 PM):

  • The Devil in Winter
  • Graveyard Shift


The Recipes:
Hour 2 (12 PM):

Hour 4 (2 PM):

Hour 6 (4 PM):

Hour 8 (6 PM):

Hour 10 (8 PM):

  • From eMeals Sonoma Chicken Wrap (fillings) for lunches
  • Cut veggies for lunches
  • Make ranch dressing



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