Discussion: There’s Something Magical About Receiving Books in the Mail

Posted January 10th, 2018 by in Discussions / 2 comments

I think I may have pinpointed part of my spending problem. As much as I loathe the USPS, I love receiving stuff in the mail! It feels magical. I love that I see something online, desire it, purchase it, and then wait for it in the mail. Then it sits around until I can find a practical use for it.

Now that I’ve helped to identify the problem, I’m hoping to substitute. One of the tricks (i.e. habits I hope to form) are weekly trips to the library. If I have a book waiting on the hold shelf for me at the library it’ll be better than getting it in the mail! 1) I’m supporting my library and 2) it doesn’t cost me a penny (except for what I already pay in taxes). Win, win, win; all the way around! Fingers crossed it works because something’s gotta give.



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    • Stephanie

      Books in the mail are wonderful. Tonight’s my library trip for the week and I’m hoping to put off that urge for another week. 🙂

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