Discussion: Have Your Reading Tastes Changed?

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Back in 2010 when Once Upon a Chapter was in its infancy I read strictly romance (with the exception of Harry Potter because duh). Sure it was every sub-genre under the romance umbrella but I curled my lip at Twilight, thrillers, mysteries (especially cozies!), and the worst of them all “women’s fiction”. I really don’t like that title as I really feel it should just be “fiction”. I digress.

My reading tastes have definitely changed over the years. I believe for the better. Click To Tweet

Twilight was my gateway drug y’all. It opened doors for every other genre. Yes it’s a YA title but if I liked it and originally didn’t think it worth the time of day, what else was I missing? Turns out LOTS. I try to make sure I work in romance in every stack of books I start to tackle. I still very much love my first book loves but my tastes have expanded to include almost all genres so I’m reading across multiple genres.

My reading tastes have definitely changed over the years. I believe for the better. Have your reading tastes changed?



4 Responses to “Discussion: Have Your Reading Tastes Changed?”

    • Stephanie

      Blogging definitely opened up my genres! I used to be strictly romance and all of its various sub-genres. Now I read almost everything!

  1. Michelle

    I feel like mine changes almost every year or every 6 months. I recently thought I was getting back into MG but instead I have a craving to read nothing but Fantasy. So for now I will binge some fantasy until the genre change happens again. 🙂 I think it’s good to change things up every once in a while.

    • Stephanie

      For sure!! I try to change genre every book because I burn out otherwise but I do find I lean more towards one genre in a given period. I love picking out new books to read and having no idea what I’m going to pick! 😀

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