Discussion: Commenting on Old Posts

Posted January 17th, 2018 by in Discussions / 2 comments

For the last few weeks I’ve been commenting on older posts I’ve saved in Feedly. I feel like commenting is a big part of building community. It’s why I try to comment back on the comments left here on Once Upon a Chapter. But I’ve been commenting on posts around a month old. Which means everyday those posts are getting older. I cleared my Feedly of anything older. Here’s the thing that went through my socially anxious mind: “Way to go! You’re only a month late to the party.” *slow clap*

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The thing is I love it when people comment on my posts and I don’t care how old the post is. To me it just means someone took the time to not only read content I put out into the vast Web but they also took the time to leave a comment reacting to it. I have no idea why I feel badly when I do it. I think in future I’m going to remind myself of that.

How do you feel about commenting on older posts?



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    • Stephanie

      I used to do the same thing! I think I’m going to keep everything I want to comment on and just keep going through them as I have time. 🙂

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