Alexa’s 2018 Reading Goals

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2017 was a bit of a disaster when it came to reading goals. I had decided to try something different and try to read certain reads off of my shelves to get them off my ever growing TBR. While I did read some of those books I just felt that a list of specific books to read all year long was too restrictive. I think I found in 2017 that I was enjoying my reading more when it was just random and I got to pick whatever I was in the mood for. I think 2017 really showed me I was a mood reader.

For 2018 I’m going with less goals but a big step towards getting my reading routine down.


1. Read 50 Books

This is pretty self explanatory. I would like to read at least 50 books again in 2018. In 2015 I read 55 books, in 2016 I read 48 books and in 2017 I read 59 books. I always seem to manage somewhere around 50 a year and so I’m going to stick with this number for 2018.

2. Find a Reading Routine

I always feel like in the past when I was a college student my life was so structured and I knew just when to go to class, when to eat, when to go to work, when to do homework and when to read. I use to read 120+ books a year when I was in college. I was somehow managing to read so many books, date the man who would be my husband later in life, work 30 hrs a week and take 15+ credits a semester.

I think I was able to do all of that because I was so structured. I knew when I had limited time to do everything so it was all very planned out. I feel like my life just isn’t like that anymore. I work 2 jobs, one full time Mon-Fri 7-4 and one PRN job which included call at night and working 1-2 weekends a month. This means there are some nights where I never sleep because I work 8 hours at the FT job and then another 8 hours at my PRN job and then back to another 8 hours at the FT job. It is hard enough to find time to eat or clean the house let alone make time for reading.

In 2018 I want to challenge myself to find a reading routine again. I know I have a crazy work schedule but I want to try to read 30 pages/read for 30 minutes every day. They say it takes almost a month of continuously doing something to make it a habit. So those 30 reading challenges are suppose to help people develop the habit. I am going to try to read every day all year. I want to find time for the one major hobby I have. I hope that reading every day will help me find a way to incorporate reading back into my life.

Side Note: I’m not sure if I’m going to do monthly TBRs anymore because I always feel pressured to read those books and I just don’t want that pressure. I feel that in 2017 I was reading more when I felt no pressure to read a certain book. So here is to all those mood readers out there.



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