16th Seduction by Maxine Paetro & James Patterson


I was not all that excited about reading 16th Seduction by Maxine Paetro and James Patterson. I had finished 15th Affair and had felt really lackluster about the series. It wasn’t the series I loved anymore. Lindsay Boxer has become the super focus of the books with very small tidbits delegated to the rest of the Women’s Murder Club.

I had vowed not to buy anymore books in the series but picked up 16th Seduction as a Kindle deal. It actually took me two attempts to start this book as it opens in mass chaos and I wasn’t feeling it the first time. As is the case with any book co-written with James Patterson, it was a very quick read. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually truly enjoyed this volume in the series. It finally felt like it was moving somewhere; even if somewhere is still kind of unknown.

Paetro and Patterson didn’t hold back any punches and the plot for 16th Seduction could have been ripped from any of our headlines now. It doesn’t say much about what we expect to be in the news nowadays. There are two story arcs that go hand in hand. One is grandiose and another is so everyday wicked. It probably doesn’t say good things about me that the everyday wicked plot line shocked me more. It was fast paced.

I felt like I got a lot more page time with all of the Women’s Murder Club. Cindy Thomas continues to annoy me. I really find the whole journalist looking for a great scoop and potentially putting people at risk deplorable. I’ll never be able to be okay with that. I’m not sure if there was actually more page time for the rest of the WMC or if it was just more evenly balanced. I’m cautiously excited for the next book but I’m still not buying the next one. I’ll try to get it from my library first.

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