Foodie Friday: Plan to Eat

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I have had the worst time with meal planning. It has been one of the hardest things that I have tried to accomplish in this whole lifestyle change. Not only do you have to decide what you want to eat but then you have to make the grocery list and do the shopping. It’s why we tried a bunch of meal subscription boxes for a few months. Unfortunately that got pricey and didn’t really change the fact that I still had to cook it!

I’ve been using eMeals and that has been a game changer and still is. However, it wasn’t as user friendly to add things that you needed for other recipes to the in app grocery list and I was making two lists in different apps to circumnavigate that. I had decided to give Weight Watchers another go after their change in the point system December 3rd. It is still a fantastic program but I’m pretty sure I’m going to stick to the calorie counting with my hubby. I will totally be using the new Weight Watcher system to guide me though because every single day that I was on point (even with the whole new list of 0 point foods) I was under or right at my daily calorie target. For some reason I really struggle with calories but not much with the point system. That’s a different topic for another day though.

I was googling meal planning to try to find an old group that I had been in on Facebook and stumbled upon some Weight Watcher meal plans and a mommy blog. On that mommy blog they were giving away a year subscription to Plan to Eat (this is my affiliate link). It’s early days yet but I think I am in love and have found my solution! I’ve been using this site for just under a month. You add recipes to your account (most can be imported from the Internet which is awesome!) and then use a drag and drop/calendar method to plan your meals. It then adds the groceries that you need for what you have planned and you can go off to the grocery store.

The great thing about Plan to Eat is that so much of it can be customized to what you want or need. We love to revisit recipes so Plan to Eat makes it easy for me to see what we’ve had in the past and enjoyed. Did I mention you can add star ratings to your recipes? You can also change the dates on your list so you can plan for one week, two weeks, or a month depending on how you do your grocery shopping and budgeting.

The other great thing is that you can sign up for a one month FREE trial and Plan to Eat literally means a free trial. You don’t have to put any billing information in to sign up for an account. You enjoy your free trial and at the end you either don’t continue with the service or you can pay $4.95 a month or $39.00 a year. I signed up for the year before my trial was over.

My husband suggested going back to the subscription boxes for dinner and I just can’t stomach that cost on a continuous weekly basis. They are great in a pinch. With Plan to Eat I’m going to meal plan fairly quickly and then do my grocery shopping online. I’ll still be saving a ton of money over the subscription box costs and I’ll have the same benefits. I’m ecstatic to find a solution that I think is really going to help me!

How do you meal plan?



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