It Happened One Autumn by Lisa Kleypas *Stephanie’s Review*


Too much time had passed since I read Secrets of a Summer Night and I wanted to finish my re-read of the Wallflower series before I moved on to her newer series. It was beyond time to pick up It Happened Once Autumn by Lisa Kleypas.

I really enjoyed this story the second time around. The idea that the aristocracy looked down so much on the self made man and yet needed them so badly always made me giggle a little bit.

Lillian and Wetcliff were a bit more tedious for me this time around. I don’t think I’m a big fan of the enemies to lovers troupe. Some of their interactions sort of annoyed me and I found myself wanting those to be over.

In a fit of contrariness though I still cheered for them. I loved when Lillian wouldn’t back down from the Dowager and I adored it when Westcliff finally put her in her place!

While I enjoyed this book I really feel like I used it as a stepping stone to set up for Devil in Winter. I am very much excited to get to that one!!

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