Foodie Friday: How eMeals Saved My Sanity

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Foodie Friday

I could have sworn that I had talked about eMeals before on the blog but apparently I haven’t. I talk a lot about eMeals on my Instagram though. I’ve talked a lot about having a hard time adjusting to my husband’s commute and becoming the main chef for the family. I eventually got a decent schedule worked out but then I decided it was time to start focusing more on our health. *Throws big ass monkey wrench into everything food related.*

I tried a lot of things while I was focused on making healthier meals. I have a few websites that I like to use and of course Pinterest. Besides having to collect all of these recipes, I had to make my grocery list (hope that my small Midwest town actually had the ingredients for purchase), do the grocery shopping, and then cook the recipes. Most of the time these recipes are made for multiple servings (6 to 8). It makes it difficult to plan out meals, especially when certain recipes don’t reheat well. Then there are the recipes themselves. It seemed like all the ones that I wanted to make took at least 45 minutes to make and that was just a main dish. No sides.

I started using eMeals back in 2010 (then it was eMealz) and I have used it off and on since then. eMeals is a meal planning service. They provide a meal plan with 7 dinners (main dishes and sides), a grocery list divided by grocery store sections, and you can choose to either have a family plan or a “for two” plan. I paid $65.00 for a year long subscription about a month or two ago. I was incredibly frustrated one day trying to figure out what I was going to do for dinner that night. I decided then and there that I needed eMeals again. The first thing I had to do was decide which meal plan I wanted to use. There are a ton to chose from. It would make sense for me to use the Low Calorie plan that they have but we prefer more of a classic approach to our food. The portions are generous and I haven’t had a meal I haven’t liked yet.

I ended up choosing to use the Aldi Classic Meal Plan for Two. I was pleasantly surprised at how low calorie these meals ended up being. More recently the classic meals have been running much higher in calories (in all fairness that isn’t the focus of the classic plan) but I’m subbing out for lighter options where I can. We’re still making it work. The great thing about eMeals is that if I decide I want to go for another meal plan, I can change it at any time!

I have to say that eMeals has expanded beautifully since those early days. There is a now an app that you can use with your meal plan. You can keep favorites, add meals to your shopping list, and use your shopping list as a check off list. Then while you cook your meals you can use the app to cook through the recipe. eMeals saved my sanity because they have removed one of the biggest hurdles I was struggling with. Now, I just pick out the meals I’d like to have that week, add in favorites if I choose to have those, and go to the store.

If eMeals sounds good to you, they have a 14 day free trial which would give you access to a few weeks worth of menus. As a heads up though, I do believe you have to call customer service to cancel before your 14 day trial is up (but I don’t think you’ll want to!).



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