Discussion: Do You Struggle with Creativity?

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I have a confession: I struggle with creativity. I think part of that has to do with liking things to remain similar because it is comforting to me. I have a format for my reviews, I like to have a somewhat flexible posting schedule, and a lot of times I am inspired by other people’s creativity. Original ideas are not my forte. This is what makes me a reader not a writer and I think it’s a big reason why my chosen artistic hobby is cross-stitch. Someone else has already designed the pattern and chosen the colors. I’m just replicating it.

I did at one time sit down and brain storm 49 discussion posts (all on my own!) so I should be good there. I’ve been exercising my creativity in the hopes that it’s like a muscle and the more I try and use it the better it will get. I can’t see myself changing my reviews up or my blogging schedule. I’ve developed those for convenience and ease and they work.

I use Foodie Friday as a source of creativity. It gives me a chance to talk about cooking and also has me thinking about what I can share. Even in cooking I struggle with creativity. I scour Facebook groups, Pintrest, and foodie blogs for meal ideas and combinations.

As I mentioned, I’m working with my creativity. Hopefully Once Upon a Chapter will start to see some of the fruits of those labors.

Do you struggle with creativity? If not, any tips for those of us who do?



2 Responses to “Discussion: Do You Struggle with Creativity?”

  1. Lover Of Romance

    I sometimes struggle with creativity too. I am pretty simplistic, I don’t need to do anything fancy. Even though I designed my site, it took several tries to get something I really loved. And there are still some aspects that I would like to change but have no idea how and where I want to go with it. I still have no clue how to do fancy creative titles for my posts or if I even want to do that. But I do have a creativity side, I love scrapbooking and bullet journal and adult coloring but it doesn’t always come out as easily as I would like. Its a work in progress though, just learning to let the controlling part of me let go (which is really difficult)
    Great post here.

    • Stephanie

      I can totally relate. Your site is beautiful! It shows a spark of creativity and your simplistic nature. Letting go of controlling every aspect of a project is really hard for me too!

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