Discussion: The Appeal of YA for Adults

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My job doesn’t always require the fiercest of concentration levels and often I’ll find my mind wandering. The other day it wandered where I wish it wouldn’t but it led me to today’s discussion topic. While thinking about someone’s current life situation I became pretty upset. I’ve known this person most of my life and my brain decided memory lane was a good place to go. Trust me I know how bitchy and judgey this sounds but this person had so much potential and they aren’t happy. It breaks my heart. It hurts more that there is not a damn think that I can do to help. I just have to watch.

It made me think that one of the reasons I enjoy young adult fiction so much is because at 16 to 18 years old these characters still have a chance. I know ho silly it sounds because obviously characters are characters and they aren’t real. But they could be (minus the paranormal or super powers). They could be the boy next door or the kid at the bus stop and damn it they have chances.

I love watching characters who have choices. They take risks and sometimes it’s a good one and other times it doesn’t end as well. It’s realistic but it’s also nice to see a younger view of the world. One that is shiny and new. Where making your own choices and decisions is new and exciting instead of cumbersome and annoying. These characters are filled with possibilities and potential.

I hope this doesn’t come across as condescending because it isn’t meant to be. If YA books had been as robust back then as they are today who knows how I would have developed. It certainly won’t stop me from enjoying them now though! I love them and will continue to read them no matter my age.

What do you like about the YA genre?



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