Shattered by Allison Brennan *Stephanie’s Review*


I couldn’t wait to pick up the newest Max Revere novel Shattered by Allison Brennan. This series is fascinating for me. It combines a tough as nails female protagonist and cold cases being resolved.

I was really unsure of the plot of Shattered once I was a few chapters in. I had no idea where Allison Brennan was taking it and I really did not like it… first. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I followed through and trusted Brennan. I’ll admit that when Max first started digging into the case I didn’t recognize the name Andrew Stanton. It took Lucy Kincaid being brought in before I remembered any of it.

The duo of Max Revere and Lucy Kincaid was fascinating to watch. They clearly did not want to trust or work with each other. Brennan brought me to the edge of my seat while Max and Lucy worked through the clues that everyone else had overlooked previously. It was gripping to see if they’d get it narrowed down in time.

The antagonist was compelling. I didn’t like her but her back story was tragic. I was kind of sad to see some developments in Max’s personal life but I think Brennan stayed true to Max’s character. I always look forward to a new Revere novel but with that ending? I wish it had been published yesterday.

2 responses to “Shattered by Allison Brennan *Stephanie’s Review*”

  1. It looks like you loved this one darling. I love seeing cold cases being solved in books, its really fascinating.


    1. Very much so! It is fascinating to watch it all unfold. It definitely has me going back to square one and catching up with Brennan’s work.


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