Discussion: My Issues with Consistency

Posted September 9th, 2017 by in Discussions / 2 comments

It appears that I’m learning all sorts of new things about myself this year. I struggle with commitment and following through on all my plans. I’m a list maker who has blissfully ignored almost all of my lists.

During the week that I wrote this I realized that there’s a reason I make these lists. I want the life these lists can bring. There’s a sense of accomplishment in them. It was actually a Naval officer giving a speech on a Facebook video a friend had shared that sparked my desire to follow through.

During the course of his speech his advice was to make your bed every morning. It’s a simple task at the beginning of your day and encourages you to accomplish more tasks.

I can’t tell you how true this is! This week was hard (and featured my first ever migraine). I worked a little bit every day and getting myself set up to be in a good daily/weekly routine. Each time I meet those goals the next time is a little bit easier.

In blogging this means I’ve been more active on my social media accounts, my posts are being schedule in advance, and review notes are caught up. I”m not where I want to be yet but I’m on my way!

Do you have things you like to do daily or do you like to fly by the seat of your pants? Maybe somewhere in between?



2 Responses to “Discussion: My Issues with Consistency”

    • Stephanie

      So glad I am not alone! 🙂 I tend to do that myself. I seem to be all or nothing without much of an in between. I’m working on it though and I think it’s getting better!

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