Discussion: Do You Have a Favorite Genre?

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When discussing book buying habits with a friend the other day we realized that she is pickier in her purchases because she tends to only buy in her genres. I read across the board so my spending can be erratic. It made me think of a good discussion post: do you have a favorite genre?

I can tell you that I don’t really have a favorite genre. In fact, I need to read different genres to not burn out. If I had to pick one right now I would say that I’m really into mysteries and thrillers/suspense but it most certainly isn’t a genre I read exclusively.

Today’s question is:

Do you have a favorite genre?



10 Responses to “Discussion: Do You Have a Favorite Genre?”

  1. Beth W

    I’d like to think I don’t- I try to read a bit of everything so I don’t end up in a rut, or prejudiced against a genre out of ignorance. But the truth is, fantasy has always been my favorite genre. I find myself turning to it when I want a bit of comfort- even fantastical/magical realism contemporary, thriller, and historic fiction. Also, YA tends to be in my hands more often than not- I think I enjoy the fresh voice of it slightly more than adult books. Or maybe it’s more accessible. Or I’m just regressing back to teenhood. 😉

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    • Stephanie

      Maybe that’s what it is about YA that I enjoy so much. THere is so much hope and chances to get it right. Nothing wrong with a bit of regression if it ends up making us better people.

    • Stephanie

      I’m a mood reader but it seems like it doesn’t maintain for very long. I wish sometime that I could devour series back to back but it doesn’t work for me. I need to read more urban fantasy. I’ve enjoyed most all that I’ve read. Maybe it’s time to pick up the Black Dagger Brotherhood books again.

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