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Today I want to talk about book organizing sites. I used to use a lot of different sites using them more like social media platforms than book cataloging software.

I use two things for book cataloging:

GoodReads is my go to because it is easy to use. All you need is a book title and/or author and you’re set. I use GoodReads for all manner of things: track reading progress, my book collection (both physical and digital), and reading goals. I find it the easiest system to use and is visually appealing.

Book Collectorz is a software that can be purchased and works well between my desktop computer and my phone. I purchased it back when it was a one time purchase but they’ve moved to a subscription based pricing system. I think for any serious reader/collector it’s still a pretty good deal, especially if you’re looking strictly for a cataloging system. Once I’m done working through my GoodReads organization project (ha! haha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) I’m going to try importing my GoodReads into Book Collectorz and then maintaining both.

I’m sure one day there is going to be an Excel and Google Sheets file to go with it but I want to tackle one platform at a time.

Do you organize your books or collections in a system somewhere somehow? I want to hear about it!



4 Responses to “Discussion: Book Organizing Sites”

    • Stephanie

      I used to use LIbraryThing but preferred the more social aspect of GoodReads. Book Collectorz to me is more like LIbraryThing in that it is for cataloging purposes. It has sections where you can make notes. So it isn’t strictly cataloging.

    • Stephanie

      I used to use LIbraryThing but cut it out when I was trying to simplify things. It totally has value in the cataloging aspects.

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