Discussion: What Are Your Blogging Goals?

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I’m excited about today’s discussion post!

What are your blogging goals?

I talked at the beginning of the month about my consistency issues and now I want to talk about my blogging goals.

I’m not sure why but at 32 (33 in a month) I have finally grasped the concept that the hardest part of almost any project or process is getting started. On the day to day stuff I have a hard time getting going but once I do it isn’t bad.

When you do something consistently it gets easier and easier. For me I have to convince myself less and less because I know that my brain telling me it will take too long and wouldn’t it be easier to just relax instead is a lie.

So what are my goals?

  • Get myself one month ahead on non-meme posts (scheduled)
  • Clean up old posts
  • Get myself organized and utilize the work put into that organization
  • Rock the consistency that I’ve been experiencing this past month! 🙂



6 Responses to “Discussion: What Are Your Blogging Goals?”

  1. Felicia GeekyBlogger (@thegeekyblogger)

    I don’t have any anymore. I do have short term goals but since I almost burned out last year–I am right now just doing the “what I can” method. I have actually posted more since going that way LOL 🙂 I do have 30 days of Thanks coming up and so my short term goal is to get all of those scheduled by Oct 15th.

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    • Stephanie

      My problem is that if I don’t have any goals, not a damn thing will get done. I need to learn to make attainable goals. There’s a chance that may happen if I consistently work on my planner and recognize what my limits are and what I’m capable of. I always look forward to 30 Days of Thanks. It makes me remember how great this community is!

    • Stephanie

      Girl! For real! On Monday I am so full of hopes, plans, and goals. On Friday, I’m holding a match and am ready to burn it all down! Lol. I keep telling myself that if I can get myself in a good schedule or consistent habits I’ll be more with it. Fingers crossed!

  2. Jessica

    I think my biggest goals for this month include participating more in various blogging activities and hopefully putting an even bigger dent in my TBR pile as well as writing some reviews I have been procrastinating. I’m optimistic about that because I have been pretty active as of late but sometimes you just get in one of those moods, you know? Where you’re unorganized, unmotivated and maybe even a little overwhelmed!

    Good luck with your goals! I hope you reach them.

    • Stephanie

      I am so behind on reviews. I think this week is the week I’m going to just make myself do it. I’m fine once I start but convincing myself to start is the hardest part. Totally understand! My downfall is that I get everything mapped out for how to get caught up and then I get overwhelmed. Today’s Monday so it’s a fresh start and I’m coming at it! 🙂

      Thank you! Same to you!

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