The Hard Way by Lee Child *Stephanie’s Review*


I have really enjoyed the Jack Reacher series to date and it was a treat to pick up the Hard Way by Lee Child. It is the tenth book in the series and I keep expecting it to flag at some point which it never does. It keeps surprising me with how good they are.

I love reading Lee Child’s books! Jack Reacher is one of my all-time favorite characters. I’d love to pick his brain. I really enjoyed the plot in The Hard Way. Once again I learned things as Reacher explained them to me. I found it easy to read and had a hard time putting this book down! The plot really unfolds over the course of several years and in various aspects. Some of the back story was too much to read about but Reacher has never held any punches and likes to know what he’s dealing with.

I really enjoyed the side characters in The Hard Way. I liked that Lauren was still invested after so many years and that the good guys had been so thoughtful. I did find it kind of hard to believe that Reacher didn’t understand the concept of a cell phone and texting. He stays up on the news and I was texting in 2003.

I am eager to continue Jack Reacher’s story and hope to be completely caught up one day. His story is a good one and I love learning more about Jack and his life!

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