On the Plus Side by Alison Bliss *Stephanie’s Review*


I picked up On the Plus Side by Alison Bliss because I was instantly in love with her plus sized heroines based on appearances alone. It’s sort of ironic since the whole idea is to not judge someone based on their outward appearances. Either way for the most part I enjoyed this book but there were a few things that really got to me and so my enjoyment and therefore rating suffered.

I really wanted to like On the Plus Side. Sadly the characters just didn’t work for me. Valerie’s brother Brett played a large role in this book and he was more than a little overbearing. Towards the end of the book this is addressed but it wasn’t enough for me. I wouldn’t call Valerie self-centered but she doesn’t seem to think things through. She flies by the seat of her pants and this is so opposite of me that I couldn’t connect. I enjoyed Logan’s character but he too was more hard-headed than I like. At times it was frustrating.

The plot was pretty engaging and I found the story line entertaining. You should probably keep a fan of some sorts near while reading this book. The sexy times are seriously sexy. I already own the first book in the series so I’ll probably read that and see where I land before investing anything further.

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