Discussion: If You Aren’t Doing This for Yourself, Burn Out is Inevitable

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Disclaimer: This is just my opinion on how obligations can cause burn out for me. It doesn’t mean that I think everyone goes through this! But maybe some do and this will help.

You hear a lot of bloggers (myself included) say that their blogs are their space and that is 100% true. Sometimes in my enthusiasm for all things bookish I forget that fact. I start to take on things that I’m not particularly in love with. You know those 3 star reviews and books that *could* be good? It’s called the fear of missing out and I suffer from it severely.

One of the things that I’m trying to remind myself of in 2017 is that Once Upon a Chapter is something that I do for me. I’ve created a space for myself and others to talk about reading and books. When I lose sight of that I start to fumble.

The lure of ARCs (advanced reader copies) is great. As a blogger they say to me “We value your work and opinions.” even if that’s really not what it means. I’m at the point of my vicious cycle where I realize that I’ve stretched myself too thin (again). I’ve taken on a lot of books that sound good but didn’t leave any room for my own choices.

This post is to serve as a reminder to myself that if I’m not blogging for myself burn out is inevitable. I could feel it coming so I switched up what I was doing and it helped tremendously. Hopefully by acknowledging the behavior and the reminder of how good it feels to be free of obligations I’ll be able to keep blogging happily!

How do you avoid blogger burn out?



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