How I Whipped My Blogging Self Into Shape

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I think anyone who has blogged long term knows it isn’t easy. Blogging is a labor of love. We do it for a variety of reasons and because we’re passionate. I fell out of love with blogging and then was bitten viciously by the blogging bug again in April.

I started small; copying and pasting one month’s worth of a meme and a review. The next day I did another month’s worth of one meme drafts and another review. The day after that I brain stormed and did another review. I got out my Erin Condren LifePlanner and got busy writing lists and highlighting. I doled out small daily to do lists. It made me feel like I accomplished something and I didn’t have to devote large blocks of time to it.

I got comfy with a system that worked for me. Then I tweaked it to work for me. I use Trello to keep track of posts with individual weekly themes.

It made me feel like I accomplished something and I didn't have to devote large blocks of time to it. Click To Tweet

I was doing pretty good making daily check off lists in my planner but it did get a bit clunky and I had to make sure I had my notebooks with me at all times. I always have my phone. I downloaded a wonderful app called Wunderlist. It lets me make several lists and set due dates. Breaking my Task It Tuesday down by day helps me SO much. Wunderlist lets me set due dates and I can click on Today to focus only on what needs doing that day.

Once I established my tasks by day, week, month and my goals for that current week and had a stash of posts ready to go, it was really just a matter of maintaining everything. My daily tasks are easily accomplished through the morning. In the evening I work more on the weekly/monthly and this week tasks.

Google Drive – I know have everything in Google Drive. I can whip through the meat of a discussion post in 15 or so minutes. When I get home I use my laptop and copy and paste the discussion into my blog and fine tune it. THIS had been a lifesaver. I’ve also moved my reviews to digital as it makes life so much easier!

What tips and tricks have you found to help make your blogging life easier?



6 Responses to “How I Whipped My Blogging Self Into Shape”

  1. Berls

    Good for you! The way I whipped myself into shape most recently was quitting and starting fresh with half the work load- by joining Michelle. I think what that really means is that I finally got realistic about what workload works for me 🙂

    BTW I love Wunderlist! We use it for our grocery list since it can be on everyone’s phone and when you think of something you just add it and then everyone knows what’s needed. Also means that if someone happens to run to the store, they don’t have to ask “Anyone need anything?” they can just check the list. Haven’t used it for blogging though!

    • Stephanie

      Thanks! I’m sad to see Fantasy is More Fun go (even if temporarily) but SO glad you could find another place to be. Having a co-blogger is great! I was ecstatic when Alexa decided to make her home her. It’s probably one of the things that kept Once Upon a Chapter going!

      I love this idea! We currently use Notes on our iPhone but it doesn’t seem to sync as often as I’d like. I’ll have to seriously give some thought into talking my husband into adding an app to his phone. 😉

  2. Lover Of Romance

    I am so glad to see that you found a way to get your blogger half in shape LOL

    What works for me, is my bullet journal. Its pretty easy and simple and very adaptive. But I mostly use it for blogging things. It does keep my thoughts and goals organized.

    • Stephanie

      It wasn’t easy and I’ve slipped here and there for sure but it easier to get back on track!

      I would LOVE to bullet journal. I think I need to practice on some dotted sheets first. 🙂

    • Stephanie

      Happy to be of assistance! I hope it helps. I got off track a bit and am now trying to get caught back up. But having a system in place is helping me SO much more than if I didn’t. 🙂

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