How I Started Once Upon a Chapter

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During ALA 2017 in Chicago it came up in conversation how each of us started our blogs. I thought it would be fun to discuss it here.

Back in 2010 I was very active on the RT Book Reviews forums. I had several good friends there. I also met Once Upon a Chapter’s co-founder, Lisa, there. We started messaging back and forth, then emailing back and forth. Eventually we moved to texting. We were obsessed with romance novels and read many of the same authors.

I can’t remember whose idea it was to start a blog but we went back and forth on names for a few days. I took a bunch of words associated with reading and Once Upon a Chapter was born. I gotta say seven years later and I still love it.

I started Once Upon a Chapter when my husband worked second shift and almost every single weekend for two years. I had a lot of time to spend on the blog then. Once he started a job where he worked the same schedule that I did, I let the blog go considerably.

I started Once Upon a Chapter when my husband worked 2nd shift and almost every single weekend for two years. Click To Tweet

Now I’ve cranked it into gear after a few years of hit and miss blogging. I *may* have found the perfect balance of blogging, reading, and life. I’ve found better ways to manage my time and small ways to work towards big goals every day. Hopefully this is something I’ll be able to maintain long term.

How did you start blogging?



4 Responses to “How I Started Once Upon a Chapter”

  1. Rowena

    I like reading about how everyone got started book blogging. I started Book Binge with my friend Holly because we wanted a place where we could discuss, promote and gush about our favorite books and authors. It’s been 10 years and we haven’t gotten tired of talking about all things books and reading. <3

    • Stephanie

      10 years is quite an accomplishment! Go you! I’ve been blogging for 7 now. We’ve seen a lot haven’t we? Lisa and I pretty much had the same concept starting out.

  2. Lover Of Romance

    oh that is neat to learn how you started blogging. For myself, I was just browsing the web, and at this time, I had so much spare time. I had a good paying job that only required a few hours a week. I was inspired by finding a book blog, and I had no idea that these even existed. I decided to start my own book blog especially when I learned about the community that was building, and what a great way to share my love of reading and books. I made so very many mistakes, but also learned a lot. Thanks again for sharing your story.

    • Stephanie

      Thanks! It’s almost cringe-worthy when I look. Ack at my earlier blogger behavior but we learn from our mistakes right? I’m glad you had a reason for starting a book blog! I enjoy it and thanks for sharing your story too!

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