Maybe This Summer by Jennifer Snow *Stephanie’s Review*


I’ve always been curious about the popularity of hockey romances. After seeing my first hockey game this past November I started to understand. When the opportunity came up to review Maybe This Summer by Jennifer Snow it seemed like the perfect chance to give hockey romances a whirl.

Maybe This Summer brought together two scarred individuals. One didn’t let their scars define them while the other still tried to keep them hidden. There isn’t much time for plot development in a novella and things tend to progress quickly. I would have loved to have spent more page time with Owen and Paige. In the small page count Snow packs a big punch. I loved watching Owen and Paige circle each other, the parts with Bernie, the burn victim survivors, and the glimpses into the sporting world. The pace kept the story moving.

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Owen is a former hockey player/vet and publicity/promotions manager for the Colorado Avalanche hockey team. He also is the team’s mascot. I loved Owen’s sense of humor. He’s a bit of a dope where women are concerned. Strangely enough, at times, it only added to his charm. Paige’s story is a sad one but it offered hope too. Paige had mostly healed from her past but still held herself back in hopes of avoiding being hurt again. She just needed an extra push to make it through those last barriers. There were some secondary characters but the only one that stood out was Isabelle, Paige’s mother. Her presence in the novella helped add to Paige’s back story.

Maybe This Summer is a series novella but it read as a stand alone. Now I’m just curious about the rest of the series. This was a good way to pass a few summer hours.

4 responses to “Maybe This Summer by Jennifer Snow *Stephanie’s Review*”

  1. Lovely review you have here. I just love that this is a hockey romance, and I just have not read enough of those to suit me. And I like that both characters are scarred too—-there is just not enough of those especially in this genre.


    1. It definitely made me want to read the rest of the series! And I agree; physically scarred main characters aren’t plentiful in romance. Jennifer Snow handled the topic beautifully!


  2. Haha I saw the words hockey romance and had to click! The funny thing is I don’t even like hockey in real life but something about it in books is pretty irresistible. I’ve never read a novella of a series I haven’t read but I like that it stands alone! It sounds like a sweet story despite the sadness.


    1. I watched our first game and fell in love. I doubt it’s something I could watch on TV but I’d definitely go again! I am going to read the series for sure. I was intrigued by a lot of the side characters which are main characters in the other books!


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