Foodie Friday: Creamy Chicken Stew

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Foodie Friday

I LOVE to cook! I also love to eat. Recently I joined Weight Watchers and found that food could still be delicious even if it was on a *shudders* diet. I decided that I wanted to share some of the awesome recipes that I have found and tried with you. Books and food often go hand in hand (but NEVER in the same hand!) Each week I will share the recipe and my own pictures so you can see what it looks like when an average joe makes it. 😉

This week I present:

Creamy Chicken Stew

I picked this recipe up at Lauren Greutman’s website. (The link is a direct link to the recipe.) I actually used this as part of the dump freezer meal. One thing I would change about this is not freezing my potatoes in with the rest. They were fine to eat but freezing the potatoes and then cooking them in the crock pot changed them a nasty color that was visually unappealing.

Otherwise pairing this with an Italian bread loaf was wonderful! The stew was a comforting flavor. Nothing terribly exciting but good on a cooler day. The stew itself for 1/4 of the meal was 6 SP. A serving of the bread (I think this came down to 1/8th of the loaf) was 4 SP. Total 10 SP for a comfort meal. Not bad at all!

*As always it’s best to point out each recipe with the ingredients you have on hand for accuracy.



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    • Stephanie

      I know, it was weird. I don’t know if it had to do with freezing them or the cooking method after they were frozen. I’ll have to pay closer attention next time.

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