Discussion: How Do You Stay Organized?

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I think I’ve finally discovered a way to keep my blogging self sane and organized. The added benefit is that I am accomplishing my goals! It’s been a lont time since I’ve been this happy with my blogging mojo! 🙂

Lists help motivate me and keep me on track. Between my Erin Condren Life Planner and Task It Tuesday I’ve managed to whip myself back into shape. I wouldn’t have been able to do it had I not somehow stumbled upon Anna’s post about how she blogs. This is a gold mine of information! Seriously, I want to be as organized as Anna when I grow up. 😉

This is a picture of my June plans. I’ve actually already had to switch it up a bit to accommodate post swaps. (White out and I have a love/hate relationship!) I plan out my blog month at least a month in advance. At the beginning of June I had both June and July planned out. At the end of June, I’ll start planning out August. Blog tours I write in as soon as I sign up so I don’t forget. I highlight my posts by color coordination. I keep the legend in the notes section. I don’t think I’ll always need to do that. As it is a new to me system though, it helps. Once the post goes from draft to scheduled I highlight the date so I know it’s done. I also keep my planned TBR here too.

My daily tasks are put on the first line with the day of the week. My tasks for that day of the week (weekly tasks) go below. I write them in once I have my Task It Tuesday done for the week. As I complete a task I check it off. The post going live that day goes in the box on the right. This helps take my monthly goals and breaks them down into manageable daily goals.

I have a notebook filled with this format ready to go. I make notes when I finish a book. I can’t always get my reviews completed as soon as I finish a book. Writing my thoughts down the day after helps get the brain juices flowing when I get to it a week or two later. This has been a life saver!

I brain storm and I also write down ideas as they come to me in a notebook for discussion posts. I then try to bullet point the ideas and thoughts for my post. When it comes time to write the post I can work off my bullet points. This is the rough draft of this very post in my notebook. As you can tell it’s been updated and revised a bit. I started in the back of the notebook with lists for events I can participate in. Right now I have a page going for my COYER summer reading list and the next page for my Blog Ahead goals.

I know this seems like a ton of work but it actually only took me a very minimal amount of time to get each thing done. Because I’m not focusing on ALL THE THINGS THAT MUST BE DONE!! I can focus on the tasks that I need to accomplish that day. There’s a big end goal but its too overwhelming to think about all at once. Small steps lead to big things.

I’m sure I’ll change things up a bit as I go. Right now though? In two or three weeks I have accomplished all of this organization, drafted, posted, reviewed, linked up, and commented on so many posts and blogs that I feel like I’m back in my grove. I’m responding to publisher emails and comments daily, getting out and commenting on blogs, hitting my goals for my blog, and still have time to work, (mostly) keep a decent house, be a decent wife, and read. I must be doing something right!

How do you stay organized?



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  1. Evelina

    I’m actually doing much of the same, but digitally 🙂 because if I need to do post swaps, I just HATE crossing things out 😀 it gives me OCD fits! Haha. So I just made a doc online which is also grouped into little boxes and you use it basically the same way. Super helpful 🙂
    Good call though on using a notebook for your thoughts. I also would have to go with a digital version, cause I read all over the place and dragging a notebook around is not always possible. But I do jot down notes on my phone. That way I can also copy paste and save time.
    But yes! This can take so much time. Like.. Gosh. Sometimes you just get a little nudge, and it knocks you out of your perfect rhythm, and that’s when there’s trouble. I know what you mean so well. I also have a job to juggle around blogging, so I often feel like… I just want to prioritize my blogging, and that’s just not right xD haha. You know that feeling maybe?

    • Stephanie

      So far it seems to be working. It takes me a few minutes to write down my thoughts but it’s the base of my review and easy to build off of.

      I plan it all but sometimes it doesn’t all go to plan. Lol. I feel that I do better though if I have ideas of what I want to do.

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