Voyager by Diana Gabaldon *Stephanie’s Review*


In all honesty I picked up Voyager by Diana Gabaldon because I’m trying to stay ahead of TV spoilers. I haven’t read the series all the way through and I have a coworker who doesn’t understand spoiler alerts. I was also way overdue for some Jamie and Claire time.

I know I gave it 5 castles/stars but I feel like the pace of this book was super slow. The thing of it is it’s still a novel with Jamie and Claire. Voyager was still an amazing read. It was full of adventure! Truly there was so much going on but it just seemed to take a long time to get to the end result. I did enjoy how the 1960s and the 1760s tied together in certain times. To me Claire has a way of following certain people throughout both parts of her life.

[bctt tweet=”I picked up Voyager by Diana Gabaldon because I’m trying to stay ahead of TV spoilers.”]

I think I felt a bit of a disconnect because I was expecting the crew from Castle Leoch (I know….stupid), but I loved that cast and I don’t think I was ready to let go. And because of Culloden I think we all know I wasn’t going to get what I want. I have to admit I was a bit heartbroken. There were so many new characters! I loved speeding time with a fully grown Fergus! He sounds like quite the attractive man now. I could have shaken Jenny when we met up with her again. I fully understood her reasoning but I still wanted to shake her. What’s that little saying about the path to hell is paved with good intentions? I did call the connection to the bones in the cave once they had made to the cave. I feel she got what she deserved. It was good to spend time with Jamie and Claire again.

I can’t wait to see what the next book brings! The setting at the ending of Voyager excited me a great deal. There are a lot of things I’m curious about. Will they meet up with the indentured Scots? How will the American Revolution come in to play? How will Jamie and Claire deal with the Americas? Neither has much knowledge about the culture or the history (in Claire’s case). I have to pace myself though so I probably won’t continue with the series until July/August.

2 responses to “Voyager by Diana Gabaldon *Stephanie’s Review*”

  1. Great review, Stephanie! I love love love this series, and I have to agree with you, this book was slow moving. It’s still good though. I love Jamie and Claire ❤


    1. Thanks Jo-Ann! I’m slowly making my way through the series. They are some serious chunky reads. 🙂 I’m so glad someone else agrees with me on the slowness. I thought I was the only one!


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