16 Things I Thought Were True by Janet Gurtler *Stephanie’s Review*


16 Things I Thought Were True by Janet Gurtler has been on my radar for awhile. I was cruising the available ebooks from my library and there it was so I checked it out! Once again I have a book that I should have read sooner because I really, really enjoyed this book!

This is a finding your parent kind of read. Morgan has been fatherless since the day she was born. She has a lot of angry feelings when it comes to her parents. Morgan has learned that sometimes you just have to learn to deal with things. Especially when you can’t control them. She’s on the cusp of her senior year with a viral video shame going on. Add to that fact that her best friend is now no longer coming around and Morgan has had a pretty crappy summer. Her mom has a reality check and tells Morgan where she can find information for her father. What follows is a road trip young adult novel that hit all of the good things about reading a book. I got so wrapped up in the plot and characters that I forgot I was reading. It felt like I was there with them.

I wasn’t crazy about Morgan. To be honest I wasn’t crazy about any of the characters in 16 Things I Thought Were True. It doesn’t mean I didn’t like them. I just didn’t connect deeply with any of the characters. Together though they made a great cast. Amy is straight up a weird girl. She eventually grows on you and I ended up loving her. Hands down she was my favorite character. Everybody else I just liked. The story really centered around Morgan, Amy, and Adam. There were plenty of secondary characters but they didn’t have much page time. It seemed like each of the main characters had a “thing” (or a hot topic issue) but I suppose most of us do. It’s just not put to pen and paper.

I adored 16 Things I Thought Were True. I stayed up until 2:30 am on a work day to finish it (accidentally). Sometimes squeezing in an extra chapter after that midnight bathroom break can lead to poor life choices. I have no regrets! There are only four more books on Gurtler’s back list to read and I do plan on catching up!

2 responses to “16 Things I Thought Were True by Janet Gurtler *Stephanie’s Review*”

  1. I can see that this book really grabbed you. Staying up to 2:30am on a workday. I am glad it was worth it.


    1. It really was. I enjoyed it and look forward to reading more of her work. 🙂


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