The Sunday Post {5/28/17}

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Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news: a post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received. Share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. Borrowed from Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

The last time I talked to you I was on my way down to visit my nephew for the first time! I said I’d share a picture of him if I could. This is a picture of him from that weekend.

I am completely biased but at two weeks old (at that time) I feel like he is totally adorable. Still is! A lot has happened between March and now. My paternal grandfather passed away at the beginning of May. (My husband’s paternal grandfather passed away last May.) My grandpa had stage 4 Parkinson’s and was beginning to forget himself. He had to be kept on regular doses of morphine for the last two months of his life and weighed only 90 pounds the day he died. (He was being cared for in a nursing facility.) Truly he was no longer comfortable in his last days. Death is never good or easy for those left behind but it was easier to let go after watching him fight so hard for so long. If I’m being truthful it was harder to watch my dad and his siblings lose a parent than it was to lose a grandparent.

Things aren’t all so dreary though. Our spring has been a very wet spring. It’s rained almost every day for the last two weeks and we midwesterners are just not used to that. It makes for a lush green landscape though.

I joined Weight Watchers on April 6th, 2017. I hit a weight I said I would never be at and then 10 more pounds past that and let it ride for 6 months. I was tired of being tired, obese, and unable to fit in places most other people don’t have trouble with. Since then I’ve lost 18 pounds and really cleaned up the way I eat. On Thursday and Friday though I gave in to temptation and the husband and I ate out for dinner. I can tell the difference now! I haven’t been taking my antacid medication and have not had one problem in the last two months. I ate what I wanted (not what I should have) and had a bad acid reflux attack early Saturday morning. I took a pill, some chewy Rolaids, and laid out on the recliner. I was pretty tired Saturday.

Thanks to a friend I’ve started taking our budgeting far more seriously. We are now getting our savings built up and working on debt. As we’ve both had substantial raises in the past 6 months this is going to help us tremendously! We’ve also gone back to shopping at Aldi for the bulk of our food. Thanks to the same friend we found this Aldi freezer meal plan. With it I spent $125.00 (we had some items on hand already) and 5 hours preparing 20 crock pot meals (10 recipes, 2 meals each). Each meal feeds a family of 4 so for Jeff and I that equals two meals. Oh and the sides for the meal are included in the meal plan. To break it down further I made 40 meals and their sides for $125.00 (or $3.13 a meal; $1.56 per serving)! Plus they’re all slow cooker meals so I just have to thaw it out the day before and then dump it in the crock pot before I head to work. o.O I was shocked at how far such a small amount of food went. And the two meals we have had tasted great!

Here’s what we’ve been up to on the blog this week:

Previously on Once Upon a Chapter:


Return to the Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz

The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon

I picked up a few Kindle deals this week. I actually listened to Samantha Shannon speak at the Tucson Festival of Books. I purchased her first book during that panel. I haven’t started it yet but it was awesome to listen to her talk.


The Black Book by David Ellis & James PattersonThis came in from the library and I’m about a quarter of the way through it. It’s set in Chicago (somewhere I’ve actually been!) and it has been a lot of fun to read a book where I know things mentioned in it. The story line is still uncertain but I’ve really enjoyed it.

One Week to the Wedding by Olivia MilesI received this for review and it releases in June. It sounds like it is going to be a great read!

What are you reading this week?



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    • Stephanie

      Thank you. It was a good weekend. I’m glad we got home earlier than anticipated so I could work more on my blogging. 🙂

    • Stephanie

      Thank you! It seems to be doing more good. They have changed the plan since the last time I was on it and it focuses more on proteins now. It’s easier for me to stick to a plan like this than make better choices on my own. Thank you. It was a good holiday with friends!

  1. Danie

    Sorry to hear about your grandfather, but congrats on the new baby nephew! Kudos to you for making the healthy choice and joining WW. I’ve been considering it, but haven’t officially signed up yet.

    Hope you have a great week!

    Danie recently posted: The Sunday Post [2]
    • Stephanie

      Thank you! He is rather adorable. 🙂 Thanks! It’s been a pretty easy decision so far but it gets hard once you have less to lose. I’m doing online only and I’ve joined a few Facebook groups to help keep me inspired.

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