One Shot by Lee Child *Stephanie’s Review*

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One Shot by Lee Child *Stephanie’s Review*One Shot by Lee Child
Also by this author: Killing FLoor, Echo Burning
Series: Jack Reacher #9
Also in this series: Killing FLoor, Echo Burning
Published by Dell
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Thriller/Suspense
Pages: 466
Format: Paperback
Source: Personal Collection
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Six shots. Five dead. One heartland city thrown into a state of terror. But within hours the cops have it solved: a slam-dunk case. Except for one thing. The accused man says: You got the wrong guy. Then he says: Get Reacher for me. And sure enough, from the world he lives in--no phone, no address, no commitments-ex-military investigator Jack Reacher is coming.

In Lee Child's astonishing new thriller, Reacher's arrival will change everything--about a case that isn't what it seems, about lives tangled in baffling ways, about a killer who missed one shot-and by doing so give Jack Reacher one shot at the truth....

The gunman worked from a parking structure just thirty yards away-point-blank range for a trained military sniper like James Barr. His victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time. But why does Barr want Reacher at his side? There are good reasons why Reacher is the last person Barr would want to see. But when Reacher hears Barr's own words, he understands. And a slam-dunk case explodes. Soon Reacher is teamed with a young defense lawyer who is working against her D.A. father and dueling with a prosecution team that has an explosive secret of its own. Like most things Reacher has known in life, this case is a complex battlefield. But, as always, in battle, Reacher is at his best.

Moving in the shadows, picking his spots, Reacher gets closer and closer to the unseen enemy who is pulling the strings. And for Reacher, the only way to take him down is to know his ruthlessness and respect his cunning-and then match him shot for shot.... - via GoodReads

5 Stars

I have to say I am never disappointed when I read a Jack Reacher novel. I picked up One Shot by Lee Child because I wanted to keep working on series I am in the middle of. Plus Jack Reacher is a serious candidate for book boyfriend even if he would drive me crazy. There’s just something about him.

In One Shot Reacher ends up in Indiana (my neighbor state!) because of a shooting. A shooting with 5 victims and one expert sniper. Of course this is a Lee Child novel and nothing is ever as cut and dry as it appears. Thank god! There were twists and turns and winding roads. That’s an inside joke if you’ve read the book! I’m pretty good at figuring out the who dun its. I enjoy figuring out (unless its really, really obvious then not so much) who was behind the sinister plot. I was pretty cocky with One Shot. I won’t go into specifics but the end of the book caught me! And I loved it!

Jack Reacher did not disappoint. He is always going to be Jack Reacher. He had a good cast of supporting characters in One Shot. I particularly liked Cash. Reacher and Cash had a very small interaction with each other over the scope of the whole book but they made me smile during tense parts. I didn’t really care for Helen Rodin and I’m not sure why. I just think that she was kind of a bland character.

One Shot by Lee Child was another great addition to the series. I have enjoyed each and every one of these novels and I’m excited to continue with the series. I doubt that I wait very long to start the next one. I think Jack Reacher is one series I’d like to be caught up on! If you like action packed thrillers with such thorough logic that there is very little room for holes or errors then you should give Lee Child’s books a try.



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