Finding You by Jo Watson *Stephanie’s Review*


Once I actually started traveling I wanted to read more outside of the area/country that I live in. Finding You by Jo Watson nicely fit into this goal. Plus a contemporary romance set in Greece? What’s not to love?

I’m not going to lie it took me awhile to get into Finding You. I had a hard time connecting to Jane at first. She goes off to find her biological Grecian father to see where half of her heritage comes from. Part of the book that I struggled with was the realistic possibility that Jane would succeed. I was able to get over this pretty quickly as I don’t read fiction for complete reality. In fact, I’m usually trying to escape reality so I can’t bitch if unrealistic things happen. Right? It was a ton of fun to follow Jane on what would be a fantastic vacation. I’ve never been to Greece but if the way Watson describes it is half of what it truly is, sign me up for a future trip! There was a part with Dimitri that really pissed me off BUT he saved himself. I’d go into details but I also don’t want to give anything away.

I really could sympathize with Jane. There have been times when I didn’t feel like I fit in with the rest of my family. Not often but I’ve experienced it. The one time I can clearly remember was a very unsettling experience. I can’t begin to imagine what feeling it and knowing it would be like. The “sex now” bit got a wee bit old. I thought that eventually it would be let go but just as soon as I was sure it had been used up there would be another “sex now” fantasy. sigh. Dimitri was such a sweet guy. He was a little misguided but still his heart was in the right place and I understood his thought process. IF I couldn’t have understood his motives then my feelings would be much different. I enjoyed the secondary characters. Most of the secondary characters were Greek natives and some of my favorite scenes include them. Stormy’s character really confused me. I just don’t know how you can be someone my age and not know how to use a smartphone. Or at least type like an intelligent person on one. (As this is book three of a series its possible that I’ve missed out on some key info on Stormy).

I loved this book. I actually am surprised to say that. I went in to it thinking I would like it but Finding You by Jo Watson surprised me. It took awhile for me to enjoy it. I persevered even though I couldn’t connect right away. Finding You made me laugh (quite a lot) and I cried (a few times). I certainly want to go back and read the other two. I’ve even purchased Almost a Bride. I’m going to hold on to it for when I’m in need of a destination contemporary romance that will make me giggle and have me tearing up. I can’t wait.

6 responses to “Finding You by Jo Watson *Stephanie’s Review*”

  1. I like the sound of the Greece setting. I am also happy to hear that you ending up enjoying despite your early reservations. Nice that your persercerance paid off.


    1. It was a great setting! It doesn’t always pay off but thankfully this time it did! šŸ™‚


  2. I am glad your perseverance paid off. Great review.


    1. Thanks Nadene! It’s great when it pays off. Not so much when it doesn’t.


  3. That’s awesome it turned around and you wound up loving it. It’s been a LONG time since I read a book set in Greece.


    1. I’m glad it did too! Nothing is worse than having a book for review and not liking it. I’m looking forward to her other books! I think it may be the first book that I’ve read set in Greece. It’s a beautiful setting.


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