Never Never by Candice Fox & James Patterson *Stephanie’s Review*


I was scrolling through my library’s available ebook selection one night when I saw Never, Never by Candice Fox & James Patterson. I hadn’t been aware he was co-writing a new series and the blurb caught my attention.

Never, Never kept me engaged and I certainly needed that. I enjoyed a setting outside of the USA. Hello Australia! I have to say that the ending while enjoyable came across as a bit “flavor of the month” to me. I was still able to enjoy the story but the ending felt a bit like a cop out. It may just be me but I feel that the topic is beat to death on a near daily basis. The rest of the book was pretty good! I was intrigued and found myself drawn to the mystery of the story. I really did think that I had the villain pinned down but I was wrong. (Really this is truly the only time I enjoy being wrong! There is nothing better than reading a mystery and not figuring it out.)

I am not a huge fan of Harriet Blue. One of the tag lines is a comparison to Lindsay Boxer. Lindsay Boxer she is not. I would say Harriet Blue is more a mix of Olivia Benson, a Jack Russel Terrier, and a MMA fighter. (Weird combo I know!) She’s a detective, small, easy to rile but can defend herself deftly. I actually enjoyed her temporary partner Whittaker more. Jack Russels have too much wirey energy for my patience. There weren’t a ton of characters but each character added to the story. Thankfully I didn’t figure out the who dun it until I was told.

I’m definitely continuing with the series because I have to know what happens with Sam. I just know I won’t be financially invested in it this time. Saved myself a nice $14.99 by checking this book out from the library!

2 responses to “Never Never by Candice Fox & James Patterson *Stephanie’s Review*”

  1. Woosh. Yeah that would be a library pick up for sure. Sounds fun overall. Shame the ending wasn’t what it could have been.


    1. Yep. James Patterson books are definite library pick ups. ? Iā€™m okay with that now! It is a shame but I have to pick up the next book to find out what happens with the brother!


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