Task It Tuesday {3/21/17}

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Hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading

I was able to accomplish my daily goals this past week! I didn’t get to all the blog posts I wanted to but I have them saved to come back to in the coming week. I accomplished more than I thought I would so I’m pretty happy!

I’ve decided to skip out on Bloggiesta this go around. I’m not prepared and I feel like it would just end up making me feel like I had failed. So instead I’m just going to have my personal goals and try and grab ideas from others to implement in upcoming events.

Long Term Goal Check In:
  • Finish my ebook purchases spreadsheet
  • Create/update(?) my books read spreadsheet
  • Get my 3 (yes 3!) GoodReads wish lists combined down to one
  • Delete my GoodReads shelves (with the exception of my read and wish list shelves)
  • Put my ebooks into GoodReads
  • Put my physical books into GoodReads
  • Get reviews done for UBB
  • Reformat old posts with new graphics
  • Fix all broken links
Last Week’s Tasks:

  • Draft and schedule Library Donation Discussion post
  • Draft remaining March Sunday Posts
  • Write Black & Blue review

  • Schedule Black & Blue review
  • Draft remaining Task It Tuesday
  • Write Do You Want to Start a Scandal review

  • Schedule Do You Want to Start a Scandal review
  • Draft and schedule Bloggiesta post
  • Write Allegedly review

  • Schedule Allegedly review
  • Schedule The Sunday Post for 3/19/17
  • Write Ghostly Instincts review

  • Schedule Ghostly Instincts review
  • Bring books read spreadsheet up to date
  • Remove books from the ‘wishlist’ shelf on GoodReads
  • Write Never Never review
  • Write Impulse review
    Day for reading!

  • Finalize Task It Tuesday
  • Any catch up for the week
  • Schedule Never Never reivew
  • Schedule Impulse review
  • Write 13 Minutes review

This week I’m hoping to accomplish the following:

Daily Tasks:
  • Empty spam folder
  • Empty Feedly (hopefully by actually commenting on my Saved posts!)
  • Update my GoodReads reading status
This Week’s Tasks:

  • Write Winterblaze review.
  • Schedule Winterblaze review
  • Schedule 13 minutes

  • Schedule Impulse review
  • Schedule Never Never review
  • Schedule Foodie Friday post

  • Write Goodbye Days review
  • Write I Work at a Public Library review

  • Schedule Ghostly Instincts review
  • Schedule From the Stacks post

  • Schedule April Goals post
  • Finalize 3/26/17 Sunday Posts
  • Update Books Read spreadsheet
    Day for reading!

  • Finalize 3/28/17 Task It Tuesday
  • Schedule Allegedly review
  • Schedule Do You Want to Start a Scandal review



2 Responses to “Task It Tuesday {3/21/17}”

  1. Michelle @Because Reading

    LOVE all your tasks! I have my Task it On Hiatus until April 4th because I am revamping it. I am excited for the changes but need to work on how I want to lay it out.

    Bloggiesta isn’t going good for me this time around. I just don’t have time during the week to do as much as I would like. The weekends are always better for me. I spend about an hour a night during the week doing design work. As long as the blog stays ahead the schedule is working great. I’ll just on to bloggiesta this weekend.

    • Stephanie

      I’m still deciding what works best for me. The way I have it now, the work is spread over the course of the week and isn’t overwhelming. I rarely actually do it on the assigned day though. It works for me because it’s getting done (mostly) now. Before it wasn’t getting done at all.

      Can’t wait to see what you do with it! 🙂 I hope this weekend is a very successful Bloggiesta for you!

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