Foodie Friday: Homemade Mayo & Sriracha Egg Salad

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I LOVE to cook! I also love to eat. I decided that I wanted to share some of the awesome recipes that I have found and tried with you. Books and food often go hand in hand (but NEVER in the same hand!) Each week I will share the recipe and my own pictures so you can see what it looks like when an average joe makes it. 😉

This week I present:

No pictures!

*hangs head in shame* I have to say that I wasn’t even thinking of book blogging again just a week ago. And I haven’t ran this feature often so it didn’t occur to me to photograph it. I have to say though I was pretty happy with the turn out!

I had read some article on Facebook about “X number of things you should know how to make on your own”. Most of the things on the list I could or have made on my own. One of them that I had yet to try was making my own mayo. I cannot stand Miracle Whip. My husband and I are a house divided on this. I could only imagine how much better mayo would be if I could make it on my own. Almost everything homemade tastes way better than the shelved product. I used this article form AllRecipes to make my own mayo. It was pretty good. It certainly tasted like mayo but I think with a little tweaking it will be much better. I’m definitely going to be trying the garlic aioli to use with fries because I just recently found that godsend concoction. YUM!

I then took my freshly made mayo to make my lunches for the first part of the week. I used the Sriracha Egg Salad recipe from BudgetBytes and it was fantastic! I halved the amount of sriracha to start. You can always add more but you can’t take it back out in cooking. That ended up being a safe bet as I was pleased with the half amount. The green onions really added a nice crunch to my egg salad. I also learned a better way to make hard boiled eggs. The egg was solid all the way through but the yolk was softer than when I make them the way I was taught. I’ll be using Beth’s method from now on!



2 Responses to “Foodie Friday: Homemade Mayo & Sriracha Egg Salad”

  1. Beth W

    Yay! My method is really my friend Gazza’s, and he learned it from his old German grandma. So I guess it’s historic? 😉 I’m gonna try that Sririacha recipe- it sounds delicious. Also, YES to homemade mayo. It took Stace forever to come around to my line of thinking on this. Trader Joe’s has an mayonnaise that comes close, but homemade mayo tastes so much better than anything store bought. It’s also one of those recipes that require attention, so good on you for trying it and rocking it. YAY!

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    • Stephanie

      I hope you liked the sriracha recipe if you had a chance to try it. 🙂 Unfortunately I learned how to make my own mayo right before deciding to do something about my weight so mayo is not so much an option right now. 🙁 BUT I’ve lost about 11 pounds so there’s that. A very small beginning but a beginning none the less. I imagine most of my future Foodie Friday’s are going to be on the healthier side of things.

      I wish we had a Trader Joe’s around here. The nearest one is in Chicago (or one of the ‘burbs) and that’s about 4 hours away! Homemade will always taste better; something I don’t think we appreciate until we’re adults. Lol. Thank you!

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