13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough *Stephanie’s Review*


Damn you GoodReads!! 13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough popped up in my recommendations (from GoodReads itself, not other people). Once I read the synopsis I had to read it…and then it wasn’t available in the USA. Hello Book Depository!

13 Minutes was worth the trouble of acquiring. I really enjoyed this book! I went from trying to figure out who dun it because it was sort of obvious who I was supposed to think did it to what the hell happened as the catalyst for it all. I didn’t have the who until I was supposed to, or the why for that matter. It was great! However it loses a whole start because being brain dead for thirteen minutes is almost impossible to come back from and certainly not in one overnight (or even a week) of hospital care. Once this thought actually dawned on me it kind of snapped me out of the book.

I really empathized with Becca. I could easily identify with all that self doubt that she suffered from. I was also in a similar friendship in high school. Obviously it didn’t escalate to the level it did in 13 Minutes but yeah we had the same dynamic going on. Tasha was completely who I would have tried to be best buds with. Becca’s intelligence against and with Tasha was a beautiful thing to watch unfold through the pages.

13 Minutes was absolutely worth the extra steps to possess. GoodReads did a good job. Easily this would have been a 5 star read had I not had that epiphany and I had managed to ignore it and stay in the book. I think fans of Gone Girl and young adult fiction would enjoy this one. It left me with that same kind of feeling.

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