Alexa’s Top Ten of 2016

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I was going to film a video for this but I’m sick and my voice is barely working so you get to see a post on this topic instead. I hope you enjoy it just as much. Please let me know your favorite reads in the comments below!


Me Before You (Me Before You, #1)

This was a really great read for me this year. I just loved how the setting was somewhere I’ve never been before and I loved how this wasn’t the typical love story. I can’t wait to read more by Jojo Moyes next year.


Salt to the Sea

I love this author. I highly enjoyed her book Between Shades of Grey when I read it a few years ago so I had high hopes for this newest book of hers. I loved the setting in this one as well because it was a time and place that a lot of novels don’t take place in. I loved seeing how WWII was affecting other countries and other people besides the issues going on in Germany and I think that is where Sepetys really shines. She always gives us a lesser known side to the bigger story. I liked all of the characters in this book and I enjoyed each journey we went on. From time to time the multiple POVs can get a little annoying but if you stick with the story I think you will also really enjoy it like I did.


Everything, Everything

I loved the idea of this book because the main character had to be afraid of germs and the outside world. I relate to this because I hate germs, even though I work in a hospital. I loved seeing how life would be if you couldn’t leave your house every day like the rest of us do. I just loved how our main characters connected and how they were vibrant even though they had to stay locked away in a home. I felt like this was just a great novel for me personally to connect with and I loved everything about it. I can’t wait to read Yoon’s other novel.


Magic Rises (Kate Daniels, #6)

I could put every book in this series on my top ten lists for the rest of my life. I love this writing duo and the story they have created. The characters in this urban fantasy series stand out to me the most and I love seeing their journey. From the characters to the world to the magic this series never lets me down. I especially loved this one because it took us out of Atlanta where we always see our main characters and challenged themes relating to long lasting relationships and pregnancy. I can’t wait to read more of this series in 2017. I try to space them out so I’m never without a new to me Kate Daniels novel. Seriously go read this series!


Batman: Cacophony

This was the best Batman graphic novel I’ve ever read. I loved this story and I feel that if you are a fan of Batman and Joker in any capacity you need to read this. My mind was blown away by the ending of this comic because it really helps you see Batman and Joker in a new way and I was floored.

5 + 4

I loved this duology this year! I was blown away by the characters, the magic, the dark curse and the romance. I loved that Ahdieh pushed our characters and I love how fierce our leading King was. *Swoon* This was just an amazing duo and I can’t wait to devour the author’s next book. Auto-buy author! (Plus she is amazing, I met her in person this year and she is super nice!)


This Side of the Grave (Night Huntress, #5)

This is probably my favorite Cat and Bones book out of the whole series. I just love that this novel finally took us away from the same old same old storyline of the first few novels and I loved how Cat and Bones were finally able to be together as a couple in ways they couldn’t be before. This just had everything I wanted for the two of them and I loved the sexy times and the plot! Go read about Cat and Bones if you haven’t because they are amazing!


Blood Kiss (Black Dagger Legacy, #1)

THIS!! Now this is the JR Ward I fell in love with years ago in her earlier books of the BDB series. I loved this book because we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel because we already know the world from the BDB series but we get a fresh take on things. I feel like the BDB series is getting in a rut and that things are getting depressing for those characters and I miss the way things once were younger and less bogged down. I have to say Ward finally captured my attention again with this new spin off series. I loved Paradise and her blossoming in this novel to be the girl she wants instead of what people expect. I love the characters and the snippets of the BDB characters as well as new journeys and adventures. I have re-read a lot of this book over the whole course of the year since I read this all the way back in Jan. I just can’t get enough and I hope the second book in this series continues to impress me.


A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #2)

I know many people are complaining about this book lately because it doesn’t have diversity and blah blah blah. Honestly I don’t rate my books by how diverse they are, I rate my books by how they made me feel and this one made me have all of the feels. I loved how Feyre was a little broken after the events of the first novel and I was dying for Rhysand to come for her to keep up his bargain with her. I loved Rhysand in the first novel and I knew he was my keeper! He is the perfect man and he wanted Feyre to blossom into her own self before she made decisions on magic, relationships and which war to fight. I love his ability to be there at the right times and I loved how he was always there when we needed him. I loved how this book made me cry, frustrated me, and wowed me. I love the whole book from start to finish and I have re-read my favorite passages of this book so much I could probably quote them to you. This book put me in a reading slump that I’m still 6 months later trying to pull myself out of. Nothing compares to my love of this book this year. I’m sure the next book in this series will rip my heart out and I can’t wait!



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